How to Find Free CNA Training

This article intends to help you find out potential institutions that offer free CNA training. While we shall tell you how to go about finding these institutions, you have to close the deal with them finally. You should start your search for free CNA training at your local hospitals, local vocational training organizations and online training centers.


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    Free CNA training is nothing but CNA training that you get without making any cash payment. However, please keep in mind that there is nothing like an absolute free CNA training. While certain CNA training does not need you to make any cash payment, you may be required to pay in kind.
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    Hospitals or nursing homes conduct free CNA training to get people who are ready to work for them for free during the training period. To get a list of hospitals and nursing homes that provide free CNA training, call them up and ask if they are providing free CNA training or not.
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    Another source of free CNA training is CNA scholarship programs typically funded by a State's Department of Public Health. While you will be enrolling in a paid CNA program, the scholarship will take care of all costs.
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    Sometimes you may get a hospital or nursing home to provide you with free CNA training by agreeing to work for them for a certain period of time. Once you sign the contract, there is no going back and you may be obligated to pay for the training if you fail to meet the contract's requirements. Thus, you must ensure that you are mentally ready to work as a CNA before taking this path.
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    Some facilities were recently approved to offer a CNA Program through the Air Force Aid Society Spouse Employment Program. The Air Force Aid Society will be paying for 10 spouses of the military to become a CNA.
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    Free CNA Online Courses. With the internet growing larger and larger everyday it is now possible to find websites that offer free CNA training. Simply searching the web can reveal many different sites, such as that offer free cna training. However, you must understand these online website may not satisfy all the requirements in your particular State. Always check with your local nursing board for local requirements.


  • Ask yourself if you really intend to be a CNA. Joining a free CNA training and not working as a CNA is not very nice as you aggravate the nursing shortage and you deny a career option to some other deserving candidate


  • Do not join the program just because it claims to be free. Read the fine print carefully.

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