How to Find Happiness As a Writer

Writing is a creative activity and can be a very enriching hobby. To put your ideas and thoughts down on paper is actually cathartic. However, its not easy to be a writer. There are times, as a writer, when you may feel demotivated and dejected due to lack of appreciation or monetary rewards. Other times you may simply suffer from a writer's block. The article will give you tips on overcoming trying times and finding happiness as a writer.


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    Write about what you love. If you love movies, write about them. If you love art and music, write about them. Write about what you believe in. Be true to yourself. It is only then that you will truly enjoy writing, and your passion will shine through in your product.
    • Heart-felt experiences make great plots for stories. Put down your emotions in your writing and get rid of your emotional blockages. The very act of writing, even just free-writing, can prove to be a great stress buster!
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    Share your writing with those near and dear to you. Every writer needs appreciation and encouragement to get going. Share you writings with like-minded people or with people who know you and understand you. They will appreciate your efforts and steer you in the correct direction. Shoot for people who will give you honest feedback about your work without discouraging or disparaging you.
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    Work on continuous improvement. In order to develop as a writer you will need to keep experimenting and improving your style and writings. Otherwise you risk becoming a very monotonous and boring writer. Take the feedback you receive very seriously and work on your shortcomings. Breathe fresh air into your writing and be imaginative. The better you write and the more creative opportunities you seize, the more happy and satisfied you will feel.
    • Don't be afraid to take creative risks; you're likely to be happier experimenting with something even if it doesn't work perfectly, rather than ending up stuck in a writing rut.
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    Read a lot. The more you read, the more you will understand writing and the finer nuances of language. Reading will also provide you with a break from your writing work and help you feel refreshed. It can also help inspire you and spark new ideas for further writing.
    • As you read, you may also consciously or subconsciously compare your work with that of the author you are reading, which can help you gauge your level and improve your art.
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    Take rejections in stride. There is hardly a great author who was never rejected. Rejections should not deter you. Rejections are masked opportunities to contemplate, reflect and rise.
    • There is a difference between constructive and destructive criticism. You will likely benefit from the former and should reject the latter.
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    Make writing a fulfilling process. Put your heart and soul in your writing and share it. Once you hear from your readers and get to know how you have benefited or touched them, you will find writing to be the most fulfilling profession or hobby.


  • If possible maintain a blog. It's a great way to share your writings and ideas get feedback about them. The more you reach out to the readers, the more happy and fulfilled you will feel.
  • Find inspiration in nature and surroundings. There is beauty everywhere, if you take the time to look.
  • Maintain a positive outlook and do not cease to write. If you think you wrote a bad piece the day before, be confident that you will write a better article the next time around.

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