How to Find Ideas for a Fantasy Novel

Two Methods:Discover from WithinLooking Outside

Being a writer can range from easy to incredibly difficult. Writing itself is hard, but finding what to write about is even harder. This guide will help you find that idea you really want to write about.

Method 1
Discover from Within

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    Get a notepad or a piece of paper to jot down your ideas. As you write, think about the following:
    • What are you interested in? Is it magical creatures or weird clowns dancing on a spoon? Find what you like and write it down.
    • Is there anything you have been unable to get out of your mind? A strange girl with bright, orange hair walking down the street? Anything you remember seeing is the seed of an idea. After all, if you remember it, it would interest you.
    • Remember, its fantasy! Anything is possible in this world. It could be a world that is similar to ours with a few differences, or a world that is completely new!
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    Take a nap. Leave a notepad or whatever you use to keep track of ideas on a nightstand next to you. Relax and sleep. When you wake up from a dream, write down what happened in your notepad (Note: This might not always work for people that have troubles dreaming).
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    Look over your notes. Once you felt like you wrote down enough, read over what you wrote down and contemplate them. You could combine ideas or base a totally new idea off something else that happened or even twisting one idea to suit your interests. You could possibly write a whole story about shape-shifters from a dream about birds!

Method 2
Looking Outside

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    Go to a public area. A local Starbucks or mall would work. Bring a laptop if you have one. Look around and observe random people. Focus on a few that seems to stand out. They could be the source of your inspiration. Write down some actions that they do. Don't flat out stare at them, though, as that can come off as creepy.
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    Watch some television. News channels often have events that will interest you. This is mostly recommended for writers that base their stories off real-life events in the real world (take Rick Riordan and his Percy Jackson series, for example).
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    Go on forums. Going on forums can help you more than you think. Forums are often times filled with people that are full of their own opinions. Make some friends there and throw ideas off each other. It never hurts to help another writer in need! It may eventually pay off.
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    Read other authors' books. Although it might be tempting to copy the ideas of another author, don't do that. It could get you in trouble with the law. Use this method only when you have gone through all of the steps above and can't think of anything. When going through this step, make sure you only use the authors' ideas to make you think about your own ideas. It can make you realize that you have a very clich├ęd idea and how you can improve. #* Example: Original idea is about a talking chicken. Reads a book about a shapeshifter. Changes idea so the talking chicken is a shapeshifter stuck in between chicken form and human form, thus allowing the ability to speak.

Got your idea?

Once you've got your idea(s), flesh them out! Research and Start your own fantasy story!


  • Carry writing utensils with you if you don't have a smart phone. Inspiration doesn't only hit when you are prepared!
  • Talking to friends and family can also help.

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