How to Find Love, Peace and Happiness

The most important thing in life is the personal philosophy. The personal philosophy of life should include the principles of love, peace and happiness. When we live according to these three principles, we grow into a life in the light (in God, enlightenment, happiness).


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    Stop one minute all thoughts and come to rest. Relax.
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    Send light to the world. Visualize the earth, move a hand and think: "I send light to ... May all people be happy. May the world be happy." Send in particular light to the suffering people. Use the television as a window to the world and wrap all suffering people with light.
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    Put the hands together in your lap. Visualize yourself as a Goddess, Buddha or Christian. Move your toes a little and think the mantra: "I am a Goddess (Buddha, Christian). I go the way of love. I live in peace, love and happiness."
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    Visualize the cosmos around you, a universe full of stars. Make large circles with your arms and think: "I take things the way they are. I let go of my false desires. I live in the unity of the cosmos. I flow positive with my life." What do you want to accept or release today? "I accept .... I let go ..."
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    Rub the palms in front of the heart chakra. Connect yourself with the enlightened masters (God) and think: "Om all enlightened masters (Om God, Jesus). Om inner wisdom. Please help me on my way."
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    Put the hands in your lap. The back is straight and your stomach is relaxed. Bring your mind completely to rest. Think the mantra "Om" in your head, chest, abdomen, legs, feet. Think in the earth and in the entire cosmos: "Om Shanti, Om Peace ... "
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    Stop a minute every thought. When thoughts come, always push them away. Then relax completely. Slacken your body. Sit relaxed there. Peace and harmony are within you.
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    Find a positive word. There is always a word that makes you positive. If you don´t find one, read here. My positive word is .. (Forward with optimism).


  • Recognize the many opportunities that the internet offers. Help charity organisations. There are many organizations in the world who work for a better future. May the world be happy. May all world rescuers work together.
  • Become a world savior. A world savior works within his possibilities for a happy world. A happy world is a world of love, peace and prosperity for all. Humanity is one family. In a good family, all family members contribute to the success of the entire family. May we understand this, accept our social responsibility and act powerful.
  • Think about your daily happiness practice. The easiest way to get happiness is the daily practice of reading in a spiritual book (such as Wikiversity:Spirituality with more advices). We need not to read much. One side is enough. This will keep us on the path to lasting happiness. There are many good books in bookstores and online. We can read again and again new and exciting books. When we try out several books, we will find our favorite literature to get a soul full of love and peace.
  • It is best to be happy in oneself and to live for a happy world. The ultimate fulfillment in life brings the dual path of love to God (to our spiritual goal, enlightenment, happiness, living in God) and love to all fellow beings (do good, living as a "world savior"). This is the essence of Christianity, Buddhism, Yoga and the philosophy of happiness (Epicurus). Find your personal path. Look closely at your skills, your life situation and the world around you. Then you know what you can do.
  • For many people, the daily drag of an oracle card (such as angel oracle, I Ching) is helpful to get a positive view of life. For this we need each day just a minute. The long-term gain is immeasurable. We can also create our own small oracle. We write positive life principles on slips of paper or index cards. We mix them, draw a card every day and practice the appropriate principle. When we practice consequent our oracle, it strengthens us in our life.


  • There is a danger along the path of unconditional, all-encompassing love. We can overwhelm ourselves and work too hard and have no energy left for happiness. A world savior must practice rooted in inner peace. A world savior must take care of him or herself, as it is impossible to take care of others unless the self is cared for. Furthermore, a path of exhaustion only leads to burn-out, not to enlightenment. Jesus said, “love God and love your neighbor.” Meaning, practice spiritually balanced for the development of the self and for the happiness of all people.

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