How to Find Romantic Arts and Crafts to Do Together

If the standard dinner and a movie date is no longer filling your love tank, consider out of the ordinary romantic activities that will require you and your honey to think outside the box.


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    Explore your senses with blindfold taste testing. Romance is all about the senses so engage and heighten your sense of taste and smell during this romantic activity.
    • Name that wine (or beer). Have your partner select a few of your favorite wines (or champagnes or beers) and line up glasses for you to sample. The idea is that you have to describe the smells and flavors exuding from each glass and then guess what type of wine you are drinking. If you want to stay within one family (for example Pinots), take it one step further and try to name the winemaker. Test each other over candlelight to add ambiance.
    • Try different types of romantic food. Choose a line of exclusive, silky chocolates or sample foods that are known to be an aphrodisiac (like oysters or honey). Use a blindfold and feed each other. Then have the blindfolded sampler describe and then name that food. Try to pair similar foods so you don’t end up with a stomach ache (very un-romantic). For example, try a line of sweet foods together or something salty.
    • Identify that scent. Certain scents are known to trigger romance so perform a similar activity as you did with food but use scents instead. Use scented candles or oils as your medium and choose from vanilla, rose, musk, caramel or strawberry amongst others.
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    Romance each other with old fashioned love letter writing. In the days of Shakespeare or Elizabeth Barrett Browning, travel back to the days when a well written, hand scribed letter made lovers swoon.
    • Send each other romantic poems that you have either written or taken from a famous poet. Exchange letters containing one of your favorite romantic poems or try your hand at writing an original love poem to your sweetheart.
    • Set up a secret mailbox for letter delivery. In the book, “Little Women” the girls exchange secret letters with boy pal Laurie through a hidden mailbox. The secretive mailbox and special location will add a clandestine, intimate element to your activity. In addition to leaving letters, consider adding romantic treats with your letter such as a single rose or a piece of decadent chocolate.
    • Write letters using Shakespearean language for added romance. Travel back in time and try your hand at writing in Shakespearean prose to your betrothed. Show your lover how you pine for him/her and describe your love using references from Shakespeare plays as examples.
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    Arrange a romantic scavenger hunt for your lover. Kick your night up a notch with a little romantic scavenger hunt. Leave clues for your honey that will ultimately culminate in an evening together.
    • Provide clues before your sweetheart arrives home or at your house. Clues could even begin while your betrothed is at work (for example, an email could tell him/her to walk to the car and find the first clue). Provide hint and riddles to lead him/her to you. Include fun, inside jokes or stories as clues (such as referencing your favorite movie as a couple or the place where you had your first date).
    • Set the tone for romance throughout the house. This means that the kids should spend the night at the neighbor’s house (or your mom’s) as you prepare for an intimate evening. Turn on soft music and dim the lights for an ultra romantic effect. Light tea candles to line the walkway as he/she arrives and sprinkle rose petals throughout the house.
    • Leave a special treat when he/she finds each clue. Sweeten the scavenger hunt with a piece of candy, a bottle of wine or a rose along with each clue. You could even make your treat part of the clue or hint for the next destination.
    • Keep the activity short but sweet. Don’t take him/her on a lengthy, wild goose chase, but instead keep it short and sweet. Leave between five to 10 clues.
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    Get a little raunchy. Get a little sexy and intimate with your activity. From body painting to naughty movie drinking games, add a little spice to your romance.
    • Have a rude food dinner. Definitely adults only, so send the kids either to bed or to a sleepover. Create phallic-shaped bread or design a banana split he/she won’t soon forget. Examine food shapes to create hilarious, rude shaped food. Some possible tools include bananas, grapes, melons, squash and zucchini.
    • Chocolate body painting. Somewhat traditional, but always fun, try your hand at chocolate body painting. Numerous adult novelty stores offer specialty chocolate body painting or you can make your own mixture at home. Choose your favorite type of chocolate (dark, milk, etc.) and combine with 17.5 ounces of chopped chocolate with 13.5 ounces of cream. Heat using the double boiling method and stir special enhancements if you desire (such as fresh mint, freshly brewed espresso or ground chili pepper).
    • Play a naughty movie drinking game. Grab your favorite bottle of wine or alcohol, along with a good adult film and play the naughty movie drinking game. Choose a random word, name or action in the movie. When that cue becomes apparent take swig of your beverage until the film ends (hopefully you won’t be passed out).


  • Although spontaneity should be an element, if you have children you may have to do some pre-planning and scheduling to make your activity occur.
  • Have fun and be creative with your romantic activities--remember, you are looking to try things that are out of the ordinary so leave inhibitions at the door.
  • You can always search Wikihow for ideas.

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