How to Find Volunteer Activities for Your Family

Two Methods:Get To Know Natural StrengthsExplore and Pick

Getting the family together to volunteer can be very rewarding. As you work together to make a difference, you tend to grow together as what you already are, a family. On the other hand the challenges you encounter are often what a family will face. Mainly the trouble is: where to volunteer so that everyone wants to work as a team. So what do you do to choose? There is a simple strategy that not too many people know about, but can get you and your family into volunteering. All it takes is to follow the steps and give it a good effort.

Method 1
Get To Know Natural Strengths

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    Observe what your family members are naturally good at. A great way for you to get the family excited is to observe what their good at. For example, is 17 year Jacob very handy with computers? Or is 44 year old Sydney excellent at creating conversation around the house. All these skills can be helpful. Because with knowing these everyday strengths it becomes much easier to look around and choose.
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    When you know everybody's strengths, write down possible volunteer positions that can best suit the family. Write down anything that people suggest. This is not a time to cross off ideas yet. As people suggest ideas you might start to see a pattern of what they're interested in.
    • With this pattern you can start to realize how Jacob's brains and Sydney's sociability would be positive towards helping out at a second hand benefit shop. You can look and see that these stores get a lot of high tech gadgets that need someone to know how they work. And someone has to talk to customers and create a friendly conversation with them so they can feel comfortable and so they want to come back.
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    Now eliminate everything on the list where it only benefits one person. Reason being is that if you only select a volunteer place with one family member's strengths then one family member is guaranteed to have a great experience while the others try to find what they can possibly do. The reason that you want to keep the possibilities with only ones strengths is because then this becomes a new learning experience for everyone. Which as a family you can grow, laugh and comfort each other and have a full understanding.

Method 2
Explore and Pick

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    Test drive some positions. Look at your list and give some things a try. Don't make any long term commitments. Just simply try each thing once or twice. If it's a one time thing for example a local fundraiser. Simply go and try. If the family decides that it's not what they're looking for, that's okay move on to the next thing on the list. If it's a multiple commitment position, for example a Food Bank or A Homeless Shelter give it at least two tries. Usually the first go can be either exciting or nerve racking and that can affect the first time experience. So give it a second try with the nerves calmed down a bit. But after that if there is a, 'I'm not going back there' respect that and move on with your list.
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    Make the decision. Now that you've looked around. What is your final choice? Did you come across the something on the list that the family has agreed that was a great experience and want to go back? Great - then go read the next step. As for those families who have gone through the list and can't make a decision. Start asking questions. Some questions you ask can be..."What was your favourite moment out of this experience?" "What was your favourite position?" "Have you learned anything from this experience?" "If we where to do something once a month or once every other month would that be okay?" After you ask questions try to do what the last question suggests. Find a place where the family can admit that wasn't completely terrible and have as many members test it out again, but in longer waiting gaps. This way they can get easily comfortable and not dread that Saturday has come.
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    Now you commit. Decide as a family how often do you want to commit. Do you want to do the one time commitment and help that fundraiser every year? Or do you want to go help out at the special needs program twice a week? Both of these are good and equally accomplishing. Because now you're doing what you've set out to do volunteer as a family. But for those who can get everyone on board. Go with everyone that wants to go. Sometimes all the person needs is an example. Invite him to come once in a while, but at the same time don't force him to go. If they never want to volunteer don't be discouraged volunteering is not for everyone.


  • Volunteer opportunities are listed on the internet. There are sites where a variety of charities post their needs for volunteers.
  • In terms of how long a volunteer shift should be. This depends on what you're doing. This is up for you to decide. Just be sensitive if someone is struggling to get through.


  • Do not force someone to go. Forcing them will only destroy any chance of the person wanting to do this.

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