How to Find Your Target Audience

Three Methods:Testing with FriendsRead Your Work OverDoes it Matter Where Your Target Audience is?

Whenever any one writes, they have a target audience, whether they know it or not. For many of us, our early writing is for parents, classmates and teachers. As your desire to write grows, you might want to write speech, a play, a book, a piece for a newspaper or even a wikiHow article. You need to think, "Who am I writing this for?" "What will be their age?" "What do I want my writing to do for the reader?" For those who don't know what a 'target audience' is: it the group of people most likely to enjoy your work. Writing can target an age group, women, men or people in a specific place or situation. A good writer will also consider how much understanding the audience has for the subject matter already.

Method 1
Testing with Friends

If you think that what you have written will appeal to lots of age groups, you can identify your target audience by allowing a mix of people to read your work.

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    Give each of your [trusted] friends a draft of your writing/whatever.
    • Give one to an older friend
    • Give one to a younger friend (make sure they can read!)
    • Give one to a friend your age.
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    Go to your family members.
    • Give a draft to each of your parents
    • Give a draft to any siblings you may have.
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    Ask the people you have given a draft if they enjoyed it. (e.g. If the youngest readers liked it the most, chances are the targeted age is for young people)

Method 2
Read Your Work Over

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    Look at your work and decide for yourself how suitable you think it is for various age groups.
    • Does it have violence?
    • Graphic violence?
    • Talking animals? (Remember here that some classic children's tales are also enjoyed by Adults, Black Beauty for example and the Harry Potter Stories.)
    • Trains that say, "I think I can't"?
    • Helpful how-to tips? (e.g. ____ for dummies)
    • Talking inanimate objects?
    • Guns?
    • Swear words?
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    All of these things are it in a different group.
    • Cussing, violence & graphic violence, guns=Adults/teens
    • Trains, inanimate objects, animals, etc=Children
    • How-to's=Almost anyone

Method 3
Does it Matter Where Your Target Audience is?

  • Are you writing a piece using words or referring to things that are only common to a particular place? You can live in a tiny village in Norfolk in the UK and write about things there, such as the Ramp and Back Street, but no one else will know what you're writing about unless they know that village too.


  • Give your draft to more than one of each age group


  • Make sure you give your draft to TRUSTED people! Other people may take your work!!!!
  • Tell your friends to not give anyone the drafts you give them. PEOPLE MAY TAKE YOUR WORK

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