How to Fix Bushy Eyebrows (for Girls)

Three Parts:Deciding How You Want Your Eyebrows to LookWaxing Your BrowsTweezing and Managing Bushy Brows

Are your eyebrows out of control? While thick bushy eyebrows were once in fashion, well-groomed and shaped eyebrows can highlight your eyes and create a polished appearance. There are many options for fixing bushy eyebrows, many of which you can do at home. Do your homework before you simply start waxing or plucking away.

Part 1
Deciding How You Want Your Eyebrows to Look

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    Determine what eyebrow shape works well with your facial shape. Consider what you currently like and dislike about the shape of your eyebrows. Stand in front of a mirror, take a photo, and compare them to eyebrows you really like.
    • Square faces can pull off thicker brows with high arches. This eyebrow shape can soften square faces and doesn't require too much trimming or thinning.[1]
    • Round faces benefit from eyebrows with high arches. This can require precise plucking, but it will help reduce some of the roundness of your face.[2]
    • Flat eyebrows with a low arch look best on a long face. They can open up your face to the sides, rather than emphasizing your face vertically.[3]
    • Eyebrows with a rounded arch suit a heart-shaped face.[4] Oval faces can pull off any of these shapes, since the face is the most symmetrical.[5]
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    Determine if you want to fix your eyebrows at home or go to a salon. While there are benefits to both, you'll want to take experience, time, and cost into account. If a friend offers to groom your eyebrows, consider how experienced your friend is and how much you trust them to do a good job.
    • If you've never shaped your eyebrows, you might want a professional to fix them for the first time. While this will cost more than doing it at home, you can rely on their experience. You could also ask them for maintenance tips, so that you can trim them at home.
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    Decide how you'd like to fix your eyebrows. Are you going to get them plucked? Waxed? Threaded? If you've decided to go to a salon, determine which one you're going to and find out how much they charge. Ask the salon your questions in advance.
    • Don't forget that there are costs associated to fixing your eyebrows at home. You might need to buy an eyebrow brush, wax and applicators, thread, or tweezers. Be prepared and have all necessary supplies on hand before you begin.
    • Waxing is good for removing very fine hairs or large patches of hair. This can be a good first step in fixing bushy eyebrows. After waxing, you can go back and pluck or thread to give your brows a defined shape.

Part 2
Waxing Your Brows

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    Brush your brows using an eyebrow brush. Just comb your hairs up and into their natural shape. This will help you see any hairs that stand out longer than your natural hairline and what needs to be trimmed.[6]
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    Mark your eyebrows with a makeup pencil. Simply outline the shape of the eyebrows you'd like to have. This will make it easier to see where you need to pluck, wax, or thread. If you prefer to wing it, just use a makeup pencil to mark where your brow should start, the highest point of your arch, and where you want the brow to end.
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    Apply wax or wax strips to your eyebrow. The hairs should be at least 1/8 of an inch long, any smaller and the wax won't be able to pick it up. Press the wax strips into the direction the hairs are growing.
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    Remove the wax. Use one swift movement to pull in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Avoid pulling it off slowly. This can be painful and you won't pull out as many hairs.
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    Clean off and gently moisturize the waxed area. You can use hydrocortisone cream to soothe irritation and inflammation or apply aloe-based lotions.
    • If you have residual wax that you need to clean off, try wiping it off with baby oil or petroleum jelly.

Part 3
Tweezing and Managing Bushy Brows

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    Numb your eyebrow area with ice cubes a minute before plucking. Hold ice or something cold over the eyebrow till you're no longer bothered by the cold. This will make tweezing painless.
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    Pluck individual hairs. Slant-edged tweezers will grab the hair easily. Use firm swift movements to pull the hair up and away from the brow. Start by tweezing below the brow. When tweezing above the brow, be careful not to over tweeze your arch.
    • Step away from the mirror every so often, so you can check your work. Err on the side of caution when starting out and don't overtrim your brows.
    • Plucking will take longer than waxing, but it offers greater precision. If your eyebrows need a lot of shaping, be sure to wax first, then pluck to create the shape you want.
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    Thin out wild, bushy brows. After combing your eyebrows up and out using an eyebrow brush or toothbrush,take scissors and snip the few hairs that stand out or against your brow.[7] Stagger the length of the cut so you don't end up with a completely uniform layer of hairs. Avoid snipping too much, since you could accidentally trim too much and it will take a while for the hairs to grow back.
    • You can also pluck the eyebrow itself. To thin the eyebrow, tweeze one or two hairs from various parts of the brow, taking care not to remove too many at once. The idea is to reduce the overall amount of hair while keeping your brows balanced.
    • If you're hesitant about trimming, thinning, or shaping your brows, or are simply running short on time, try concealing bushy edges. Take a thin makeup brush and carefully apply foundation in light strokes. Start by lightly applying the foundation to the part of your brow that is closest to your nose, then work to the outer edges.
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    Apply clear brow gel. This will keep thick eyebrows in place after you've combed them into your desired shape. If you don't have the brow gel, spray a little hairspray on an old toothbrush and comb through your eyebrows.[8]


  • Avoid shaving your eyebrows. This can lead to ingrown hairs and stubble as the hairs grow back. You're also likely to take off too much.
  • If you choose to use a professional, ask around for recommendations.
  • If you're interested in threading, choose a professional. This procedure requires lots of hands-on experience and should not be attempted at home without training.


  • If waxing your eyebrows at home, be sure to follow the packaged instructions.

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