How to Fix Eyebrows for Everyday Makeup

Eyebrows can make or break your look. A good makeup application on your eyebrows can really enhance your features, but a poor one could ruin your whole look. Keep reading to find the easiest, fastest way to fix eyebrows for everyday makeup.


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    Purchase an eyebrow pencil. Select the pencil that best matches the color of your hair. Eyebrow pencils that come with a brush on one end can be very handy. However, many pencils will work just fine and if they don't come with a brush you will just need to purchase one separately.
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    Using small upward strokes, make vertical lines in the eyebrow that extend from the bottom to the top.
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    Fill in the rest of the eyebrow. Use very small, thin strokes. The goal is to make your eyebrows look fuller. Using small thin strokes going in the same direction give the appearance of hair, while just coloring or scribbling in the eyebrow yields a product that looks like a three year old mashed a brown crayon into a coloring book.
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    Brush the eyebrow using the brush on the end of the pencil. Make sure to brush it so it lays flat, and use gel or hairspray if needed to tame unruly brows. This can help to smooth out lines and make the pencil look more like natural hair.
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    Add highlighter both on top and underneath the brow. This needs to go at the highest point of the arch and be blended out along the eyebrow. This helps to define the eyebrow and clean up any rough edges.
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    Now your eyebrows look great!


  • When filling in eyebrows, be sure to use light strokes. You don't need to cover up your eyebrow, you just need to fill in the sparse spots.
  • Apply hairspray to an old toothbrush and comb through eyebrows to apply hairspray to them.
  • Keeping your eyebrows in good shape (waxed, plucked, threaded, etc) makes it a lot easier to fill them in.
  • Make sure that the pencil is a good color for you because if it is too dark it can tend to look like clown makeup or something of the sort.

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