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It's not like the other guides. Are you sick of being told to "hide" aspects of your body, or try to give the appearance of another shape? In this article you can find out how to flaunt your shape effectively.


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    Make sure you are a pear shape as they can commonly be confused with the skittle or bell shape.
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    FINDING THE RIGHT JEANS: Pear shape figures tend to have wide hips and full legs which curve down to the knee. To flatter this, I would recommend wide legs and boot cut, as they will follow this shape to the knee and balance it below. Flare legged jeans will actually accentuate the hips, as it narrows at the knee and makes the hips look bigger by comparison. Just make sure they're not too tight, so that the material isn't stretched and they don't make your bottom stick out (they'll also be more comfortable). When it comes to colour, I'd say dark blue is the best, along with grey and black. That way people are likely to notice your lovely shape without thinking "she's trying to draw attention to herself". Light blue and white jeans are especially bad for that, as they are bright and attract attention.
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    TOPS/T-SHIRTS: First things first, get a well padded bra, preferably push up - it'll balance between your upper and lower body a bit more if that's what you need. Next, I'd say pick a t-shirt the right length -finishes two or three inches below the top of your trousers/skirt. Anything with "cape" type sleeves, or batwing sleeves, are good, as they can make your shoulders seem wider/stronger and provide balance to you hips. Make sure that it fits closer around the waist, as in pear shapes this is usually well defined and narrower than the rest of your body. Be sure to get one that's not too big - they can miss the waist out and create the impression that you are triangular. Blouses work with most shapes to be honest, but one of the best ways to wear them casually is with puffy sleeves (again, they create the illusion of wider shoulders) buttoned just up to the bust with a low necked t-shirt or vest top underneath, which creates the impression of a fuller bust. Any colour or pattern should work well. I'd also recommend tunic style tops that gather at the waist, and belted tops so you can control how much you emphasize your waist.
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    SKIRTS: Most will work with your shape - but I'd say the best are from just above the knee to mid thigh length. This way you can show off your legs without over-emphasizing your thighs. Style wise, I'd suggest floaty/loose or straight cut, as these also don't over-emphasize your thighs and hips. Again, any style and colour that you like will work.
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    COATS AND JACKETS: Anything that's belted. This way you can avoid the possible triangle effect and flaunt your waist at the same time. Also, I'd say that long coats, finishing between mid-thighs and knees tend to look lovely.
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    PROM DRESSES AND RELATED STUFF: I'd say the best are the ones that gather underbust, and follow your body shape to the top of your hips and then moves out for a loose bottom. Similar style for day dresses but I'd advise against one made from t-shirt material as they have a habit of clinging to you.
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    HAIRSTYLE: I know, it's a weird thing to mention in relation to body shape, but a fuller hairstyle with more volume can help to keep the balance between your lower and upper body. Try curls or beach waves to improve the volume of your hair further.


  • If you want to lose weight, bear in mind that pear shapes usually lose weight from their upper body first.
  • Don't get too hung up on your appearance (especially your weight) because there are more important things in life.
  • The advice I've given here is generalized - not all of it may apply to you. So feel free to test it out but don't worry if it doesn't totally work.

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