How to Flip Up from the Ground to a Standing Position

Flipping from the ground to a standing position is also known as "kipping up." While it's not usually a very useful move in daily life, the kip-up has appeared time and time again in countless kung fu films and action flicks and can be fun to do to show off to friends or if you're making your own movies.

There are number of different techniques you can use to accomplish the maneuver and they're all acrobatic and explosive but this article focuses on just one of those approaches.

Note: Although this action is just for fun, it is a challenging exercise and you must be in good physical condition, with no injuries, to try it. It is also a really cool move to show off and if you ever are in a fight or a play fight and fall you may be able to get up in this amazing and fancy fashion! It is also a good idea to have someone to help you.


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    Lay your body on your back. Choose a smooth surface to lie on, preferably carpet, or even a trampoline is helpful.
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    Bend your elbows so that your fingers are pointing towards your shoulders. Your palms should be resting against the ground by your head.Another version is that you do it on your elbows.Try both ways and see the one you are most comfortable about.
    • If you experience difficulties with the actions first, it may be easier to place your hands about 6 inches (15cm) away from your head rather than right next to it.
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    Swing your knees up to your chest, while rolling back a little bit so that you're weighted more on your upper back.
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    Swing your legs up and forward while pushing off using your hands.
    • You may need to sway three or four times and then kick your legs forward. The swaying builds up momentum.
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    Arch your back. Now swing your hands forward while your feet touch the ground.
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    Use your abdominal strength and leg muscles to pull you into an upright position. If you find you lack the strength, use your hands to push off from initially, until you are more practiced.You can also try to fall into a horse-stance or front-stance as the name is in karate(horse-stance is for kung fu) and then push get up.
    • When you land, you don't want to put all your force on your feet––you want to keep on moving your upper body so that you land it without falling back. If you do all this right you will for sure land it in five to six tries.


  • This action takes many tries before you get it.
  • Always learn this on soft surfaces.
  • It's highly recommended that you have a spotter to help.


  • Avoid learning on hard surfaces in case you land heavily or fall.
  • If you have back or other body injuries, do not try this action. You need to be in good, flexible physical shape.

Things You'll Need

  • Strength in your upper body and legs

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