How to Form an Animal Pack

Do you love animals and dream of creating a pack of them with your friends? Now you can! You can role play as any animal as long as you know how to form your pack and how to make it fairly realistic.


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    Collect members. If you want to be an outsider and live with up to four people or less, you are not a full pack, and therefore your miniature pack does not have to have a name. Members who want to be part of a pack should join a pack with at least five people or more.
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    Decide ranks for your pack. Miniature packs do not have ranks. There must be a leader, and the fairest way to do this is to hold and election, remember you cannot vote for yourself, if there is a tie, have a mini wrestle or rock-paper-scissors battle, then after let the audience vote for who they think is the best. The rest of you can decide whether you want to be a standard member, elder, nurse, or pup/kid.
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    Decide what animal the members in the pack will be, and this includes mini packs, hold an election, if there is a draw, have everyone vote on the top two. Or let the leader decide.
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    Name your pack, this is optional for mini packs, don't use names like Cookie Pack or Google Pack, hold an election, if there is a tie, let the leader decide.
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    Decide your characters' name, gender, appearance and backstory. You don't have to but it's more fun.
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    Map out your territory. Make sure this is a place accessible to all members, and also, it is optional for mini packs to have territory, as they may emigrate very often. Make sure this is not your house or garden, as your other pack members aren't going to be able to access it. Instead, "own" a part of the school and part of the playground.
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    Get rival packs, once you've got 20-30 members, start turning down offers for others to join your pack, or at least let the leader decide. If you decline, why not suggest they create a rival pack to create more fun.
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    Have battles and border raids. These can be acted out as mini wrestles or rock-paper-scissors battles, these will not hurt the other person very badly, but will give you more excitement. If one of the animals leading the raid backs down, the other pack will win.
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    Let everyone know about it! Create posters to put near your school, but not on school premises. Make sure it is on a tree or something, so everyone can see. Make sure they know how to contact you if they want to join. You could even design a time where wannabe pack members can visit you at your house!
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    Get the leader to make about three to five rules that all pack members must obey. This will make it more fun and then there can be good and evil members whether they follow the rules or not! When your character is killed, this can happen once you have been in hospital three times, for example, you can still role play as a spirit, good spirits will appear bright, bad spirits dark, your leader will decide whether you have been good or evil.


  • Have fun! Non pack members may call you weird, but just stick your tongue out at them, because you're having more fun than them.
  • Be proud. You are now part of a pack, and this may bring you closer to your friends.
  • If an outsider, you can still visit packs and battle them or maybe even join them if the leader agrees.


  • Do not disrupt your schoolwork! You can quietly roleplay in class, especially if you are a kid, you can pretend you are learning some new skills! Just don't let the teacher hear you, or it's detention and there certainly is no fun in that!
  • Don't seriously injure anyone. You can push or shove gently, or gently grab them, or have arm wrestles.

Things You'll Need

  • For proper pack, at least five members, mini pack, up to four members.
  • One leader, one senior standard member to replace the leader when they die and three standard members, other ranks are optional.

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