How to Gain Experience Grant Writing

Grant writers write proposals requesting funds for specific projects. Non-profit, academic, and government institutions employ grant writers. To gain experience writing grants you can take a grant writing course to learn the basic format of a proposal. Volunteering as a grant writer will provide you with hands on work experience and samples of proposals you have written. A paid entry-level position writing grant proposals will further strengthen your writing skills and ability to work as a member of a team.


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    Take a course.
    • Grant writing courses are offered in classroom and online formats. Courses can last for a few days or over several months. This form of grant writing training can teach you the basic format of a grant proposal and its components.
    • The components of a grant proposal include the statement of need, project goals and objectives, activities, evaluation plan, and an explanation of your organization's suitability for completing the proposed project.
    • The executive summary (a brief summary of the information that is presented in a proposal) appears at the top of a proposal, but is generally the last component to be written. It can also include supporting information such as the budget for your proposed project, your organization's income and expenses, the resumes of staff who will work on the project, and information about members of your organization's board of directors.
    • Taking a grant writing course will also give you the opportunity to actually write a proposal. This can be the first proposal for your writing portfolio, which is a collection of samples of the grant proposals you have written, that can be presented to a potential employer when you are seeking work.
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    Volunteer with a non-profit organization.
    • Working with a non-profit as a volunteer will give you hands on grant writing training, and the experience you will need to obtain a paying job. As a volunteer, you will work directly with a project manager and staff. You will gain experience in meeting deadlines, following the instructions of your program manager and will discover which types of projects you prefer to work on.
    • As a volunteer grant writer, you will learn to write a proposal in a persuasive voice so that you will become skilled at selling the project that your organization needs financial support for.
    • Volunteering will also help you to fill out your grant-writing portfolio.
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    Apply for a paid entry-level position.
    • Use the experience you gained from classroom and volunteering to secure a full-time paying position by applying for entry-level grant writing jobs.
    • Entry-level grant-writing positions can be found in non-profit organizations, academic institutions, health and government facilities.


  • Paying and non-paying grant writing internships can provide you with hands on work experience. Research non-profit organizations and other institutions that rely on grants for available positions.
  • Once you have gained work experience, consider working as a freelance grant writer. You will be able to choose the projects you work on and set your own hourly rate.

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