How to Gain Traffic Using Banner Advertising

This article will show you how to use traffic statistics to increase your reach using Banner Advertising. Say you have a product, a service or even a simple website, but you need traffic, you need an audience to react with.

You see, "Banner Advertising" is one of the most powerful online means of advertising to generate a ton of traffic in a small matter of time.

This will show you how you go about using to increase the number of traffic and impressions you receive.

Simply follow the following steps and you should be on the right track.

This is a very simple and direct method that anyone can put to action.


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    Search for Blogs in your niche [make a list]. Head to Search the following phrase: "YOUR NICHE + BLOG". Click on the first 10 that appear and choose a few. Check each site/blog whether they do advertise banners. Place a list on the side for the ones that do and seem promising.
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    Check the Traffic Impressions. Head to and check out their traffic. The more the traffic they receive, the better.
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    Take a look at the type of banners the website displays. This will give you an idea on what your banner should be like. For example some websites do not allow flash banners, banners with animation, or obscene banners such as porn or whatever.Here is what you should focus on:The duration of a banner on the website./ The demographics of the audience of the website, for eg. Middle aged men, teenagers or young women looking for love. You wouldn't want to have a banner promoting for men or women over the age of 70. /Nature of banners the site allows.
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    Contact the owners and see if they`d display your banner for a price. Look for their "Contact" page, if not available, place their domain name/website name here and this will show you the details of the website, usually including their contact email address.
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    Pay for only 2-4 days to start with as a trial. See what kind of results you`d get.
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    If you`re happy with the results, go ahead for a week of banner display, a month when you`re comfortable and see the traffic roll in. Eventually you will have the process semi-automated where you only have to pay a monthly fee to keep your banner displaying on the websites chosen.


  • Make sure you track the number of impressions you receive from the website. That way you know exactly the number of traffic you are paying for.
  • If you are happy with a certain website/service, offer to pay on a monthly basis by having your banner placed at the same spot or based on your preference. Whatever you are comfortable with.


  • Don`t pay over $10,000 your first time, not even $1,000. Go for less.

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