How to Get a Catering License in Georgia

Prior to commencing a catering business in Georgia you must have a valid catering license. In order to obtain that catering license you must meet certain requirements and you must follow specific steps before the Health Authorities will authorize a valid permit for your catering business. The exact steps required in order to obtain a catering license or permit in Georgia are outlined below.


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    Qualify for a permit.
    • Before applying for a catering license or permit in Georgia, you must first be sure that you meet all the criteria that will qualify you for the permit. You must be the owner of a food related business or be the officer in such a business, and this business must already be registered as a legal entity.
    • Before your permit will be granted you must have completed an accredited food safety training program that results in a certified food safety manager certification, or somebody else on your staff must hold this certification.
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    Fill out forms.
    • Permits and licensing are overseen by the Health Authority in each county. Each county will have its own forms and fees. The form to apply for a catering permit, however, will ask for similar information regardless in which county you're applying. Information that will be asked will include: applicant's personal information and the personal information of any officers of the business, information about the legal entity of the business, if the business operates from a fixed establishment or if it is mobile, the kinds of foods to be prepared and the physical address of the establishment.
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    Pay applicable fees.
    • The fees can vary from county to county, but before your permit will be processed you must have paid all the applicable fees.
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    Allow a site visit.
    • Prior to authorizing your permit, the Health Authority for the county in which you're applying will ask for access to see your catering facilities be they mobile or in a building. All equipment must be up to current codes otherwise the inspector will ask that you make modifications prior to granting you a permit.
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    Display your permit.
    • Once you have your permit, in order for it to remain valid it must be posted in a clearly visible location where both the public and any visiting inspectors can clearly see it.

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