How to Get Along with a Dancer

Talking to a dancer can be a bit weird when you don't know much about ballet. It will sound like complete gibberish when a string of weird French words flow. And, it is always awkward talking with someone with whom you have no ties. In case you meet up with one of these seemingly-crazy people, here is guidance.


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    Don't just talk about dance. While discussing the elements of dance or dance in general is good, every person has more to his or her life than that. It can even be a relief for the dancer to be able to get away from dance for a bit and talk about something else.
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    Don't discuss the ballet moves or steps. These are in French, and it will drive the dancer absolutely insane when you ask what each term means and all the details of each step: what that looks like, how to do it, how it is used in performances.
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    Discuss things that you both can connect on, as you would in a normal conversation.
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    Keep in mind these important points:
    • If a dancer does mention a French term, don't secretly look it up online. While bringing up a step yourself isn't great, if the dancer mentions it, it is permissible to ask more about it. Don't linger on the topic, but asking for a definition or a clarification is fine, but only if the dancer started the thought train.
    • Anything dance-related, but non-ballet is a great conversation starter. Say that a dancer mentions a type of dance you've never heard of, such as modern. This is a fantastic opportunity for conversation because most ballet companies don't present modern in their productions. And no, modern is not hip hop or break dancing, in case you're wondering. By showing a dancer that you have true interest in the dance lifestyle and thinking, will bring you closer and will give the dancer a break from talking about ballet.
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    Don't mess with a dancer's bun. When you're a dancer, you constantly have to stick pins in your scalp, which sometimes causes bleeding. This can be quite painful, and twisting a dancer's bun can hurt quite a bit! Then again, dancers will become stronger and more immune to pain in that area over time, and, for some people, you can practically do whatever you'd like with a bun. However, it's safer to just let it be.
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    Never step on a ballet dancer's toes. A ballet dancer, no matter if he or she performs en pointe or just on flat, constantly uses the feet. Ballet is a painful art. If you stepped on a female dancer's toes, chances are you stepped on a fractured toe or two, an ingrown toenail, a missing or bruised toenail, or maybe just a really sore foot. That girl would yelp like a chihuahua on fire, so avoid a headache and avoid the feet!
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    Don't imitate a ballet dancer. Ballet is harder and more complicated than the average person could ever imagine, and it shows when you try to look like a ballet dancer. Depending on the person, it can be very insulting to see someone doing this, so don't try to look like him or her.
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    Don't call a ballet dancer a ballerina. While that is really what the girls are, the stereotypes that have been placed on the world ballerina bring up images of toddlers in pink, fluffy tutus with fluffy Christmas bows on their pristine buns, performing terrible technique to a cheesy song with laughing audiences. No professional dancer wants to be seen that way. To be safe, just stick with dancer.

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