How to Get Along with Your Boyfriend

Whether you've been with your guy for a couple of days or a couple of years , all couples fight. Fighting is a completely normal and healthy way to let out your pent up emotions. Fighting helps us work together and make sacrifices for each other, keeping both people happy and content in the relationship. Sometimes fighting can take a very unhealthy turn and leave people scorned, hurt, angry, and self conscious. Here's some ways to avoid unhealthy fighting.


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    Breath. Step back and take a deep breath. When people are all worked up and there blood boils the mind becomes fueled by adrenaline, which causes a chemical response known as the "flight or fight" response. Which is a primitive part of the brain early humans used to fight off predators and avoid becoming a meal. Our brain tends to overreact to a non threatening situation , which prevents people from making rational decisions. We can say or do hurtful things in the heat of the moment. So remember to take a deep breath and think about what you are going to say, and how is what you are going to say or do effect you later on. Could it hurt someone , could that be used against you in the future , could it make you look immature. These are some of the things that you want to think about before saying or doing anything rash.
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    Listen to what he has to say. Men can be very prideful creatures and the last thing you want to do is to emasculate him, make him feel unappreciated, or disrespected, Which can lead to pent up emotions and resentment. Keeping your ears open to what he has to say really shows that you value him and his opinion. Let him say his peace before you react. Not listening means its "your way or the highway" and that's disrespectful. When you don't listen it shows that your relationship is a one way road and his opinions do not matter. So listen before you speak.
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    Say what you have to. A relationship is supposed to be an equal partnership and you have every right to say what you feel. This part can be a little tricky since emotions can cause us to react in an aggressive or defensive way. Remember that you are both hurt and both need to say what you are feeling. Try using "I" statements like "I feel offended that you....." . Instead of using "its all your fault". Do not use condemning words like "you are" or "your so inconsiderate, these statements can cause someone to react in a defensive way causing the fight to escalate.
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    Apologize for what you have said or done. Feelings of resentment can destroy a relationship and create feelings of hostility and anger towards one another. So apologize for what you have done and make sure it is a genuine apology.
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    Understand. Try to put yourself in his shoes. We all think and act in different ways. Just because you would say this or do that does not mean everyone else would do the same. Understanding can be an easier road to forgiving one for there actions and words.
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    Forgive and never resent. Forgiveness is a true characteristic of strength, because it is difficult to forgive yourself let alone another person for what they have done to you. Only forgive when you truly feel like you have gotten over the ordeal. People can forgive, but some never forget which brings up future fights and causes strain in a relationship. So make sure that you work through your problem before moving on.
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    Open yourself up. Part of being in a relationship is having that closeness and trust. After having a fight your emotions may feel drained , and part of having a healthy relationship is being open with each other. So after having a fight let your emotions poor out, cry, laugh, and reminisce on old times with each other. Tell him how much you adore him, how much you love his smile. This is a great way to remind you of the reasons you are together, and he might just let his guard down as well. This practice strengthens the bond and helps ease the hurt of a previous fight.
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    Back away. Sometimes a fight cannot be resolved. If things become violent or escalate to a dangerous situation back away, to avoid hurting or getting hurt. In some cases all somebody needs is a little space to clear and organize there thoughts in order to resolve the situation. So know when to back away and give yourself and others space.
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    Reach out to friends and family. In times of stress people need people. Sometimes we need the opinions of others to battle our own irrational thoughts and behaviours. Don't do anything stupid take the thoughts and opinions by family and friends with a grain of salt you don't want to be lead astray by others. Go to someone you trust and respect.
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    Get over it, if you can't get along. Sometimes relationships are not meant to be and this can be one of the hardest things in life to recover from. Heart break can hurt but it is best to take the steps in realizing that you are not meant to be. If you really love the person you can try to make it work, after all relationships do not happen effortlessly, but there are something's you cannot control or make work and it is better to let go. For example if the person is drug addicted, violent, or simply moves away the best thing to do is to let go and know that you should be number one in your life and your well-being and safety come first.
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    Recover as needed, if you do break up. Recovery from a broken heart takes time and should never be expected to happen overnight. It is good to surround yourself with friends and family. You should talk about your hurt and pain with others. Avoid sitting in your room all day that can worsen your depression. Go out and do things, waking up everyday with a purpose and goals helps to put your mind to more productive tasks. Keeping your social life up is also refreshing and renewing and can help those stagnant negative thoughts from building up. Maintaining your appearance and hygiene still show that you care about yourself so keep it up. There are many other ways to recover from a broken heart. Be strong and love yourself.


  • Compliment each other.
  • Take time to reflect on your thoughts.
  • Appraise each other on your accomplishments.
  • Keep friends and family close.
  • Always have respect for yourself.
  • Take time to organize and collect your self.
  • Your health and safety always come first.


  • Do not be judgmental.
  • Back away when things get dangerous.
  • Give each other space and time.

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