How to Get Attention at School

Ever been brushed aside by a raining avalanche of students at your school? What's your reaction? 'I'm not popular'. Well here's how to at least get attention at school (for the right reasons!)


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    Care for your looks and style. Examples of styles; do multiple small(tight) braids on the side of your head for a half shaved look. Tease to add volume. High ponytails, or messy plaits. (TUTORIALS ON YOUTUBE). Don't let your hair get greasy/smell bad(dry shampoo is a good option for lazy people!), or if you have BO use deodorant! This is a reasonably important part (but not everything) since this is the first thing people will see, and through your looks and style you'll get noticed and people will talk.
    • Express yourself through your clothes, wear things that suit you and that YOU think are pretty.
    • Make sure to hydrate your hair and style it in a way that flatters you.
    • Don't forget: concealer, face powder, eyeliner, mascara, a little blush and some lip gloss -(again, tutorials on youtube). If you know how to apply just a bit of them in a way that's soft, natural and cute.
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    Be outgoing: shyness is going to hurt you in the long run. You have to take the initiative and go talk to people. Meet tons of people and talk to them often.
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    Join clubs or sports, but you must like it, because if you don't, people will see that and no one likes someone that just is there because they want popularity.
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    Treat each person you meet as friends -- they'll give you attention for it.
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    Have a cheery attitude. Act happy and show people you're "in the mood" to make friends that are going to make you even more popular.
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    Talk and be social. It sounds hard, but do what you want to do. If there's a really hot girl/guy you want to know, talk to them. If you want to experiment with a new table, go for it!
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    Be nice! If you want friends or just people's attention, you have to be kind and considerate.
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    ALWAYS make people feel welcome. A very general rule that you just can't brush aside. Make them feel that you are happy to see them (even if you're not).


  • Be confident with yourself as well as be yourself!
  • Don't be obsessed about looks, or you'll seem fake. Since of course, that's part of the definition of popularity. Don't look to other people on how to be cool, be yourself, that's what's cool.
  • Listen to the teacher and try hard and do your homework. Participate in class, ask questions and reduce your doubts. It will make you win attention from classmates and also get good grades.
  • Flirt: be outgoing, smile and wink; throw all your charm on that special person.
  • Not needed, but if you think it's a good idea, run for class president.
  • At parties, dance a lot and try to be the hottest dancer there. Create new steps or your own routines, so you can dance at parties and have all the attention of people.
  • If you feel confident try going up to the girl/guy you like and not only talk to them, but to their friends too if they are in a group.
  • Be who you are because people will like you for that.
  • Show off your talents.
  • Try your best to be out-going and loud. However, make sure you are not so loud that people around you feel awkward.
  • If it helps try getting a good night sleep then when you go to school, you won't have big sleeping bags under your eyes.


  • Don't try too hard or you'll look like a desperate and annoying wannabe.
  • Try not to embarrass yourself - you don't want THAT kind of attention!
  • Avoid any drama; if you hear a rumor, end the conversation and walk away. The last thing you need is to get into a fight you didn't start.
  • Don't wear clothing over and over. Try to not wear the exact same outfit more than once if you can help it.
  • Wear awesome low maintenance clothing, like a really hot pair of jeans. Don't overdo anything, then you come off as a wannabe and freak.
  • Try not to attract the wrong kind of attention (sexual attention).
    The WRONG kind of attention - attention you definitely don't want to be getting

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