How to Get Babysitting Jobs Without Advertising

A lot of the time it can be dangerous to advertise using posters, the newspaper and everything else because since you need to give the person a way to contact you, through your e-mail address, your phone number/ cellphone number, or even your home address, anybody, not just people with kids, anybody can contact you. This is a problem because if the person who contacts you is a criminal, they could pretend to have a child, get you to go to their house, and seriously hurt you or even kill you. So, how do you get a babysitting job safely? You use word-of-mouth as your 'advertising'. How do you use this safe method of 'advertising'? Well, that's what this article is for!


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    Search your neighborhood for parents who have young children. When you find some, move on to the next step.
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    Whenever the child is outside, at the park, or on their front lawn, politely ask the parent(s) if you can play with the child. If the parents say no, don't be offended, hurt, or angry, especially if you are in the city. After all, you are just a random kid approaching their kid and they don't know anything about you. They don't know whether you are dangerous or rambunctious or bad with kids. If they say yes, you must be gentle with the child. Take care not to knock the child over or accidentally hit them; that will give you a really bad reputation (the parent will be sure to tell other parents about your roughness). Entertain the child by playing with foam balls or chalk. You could also simply play a game like tag, or even Peek-A-Boo. Look for signs of the parent(s) wanting you to leave such as clear annoyance or trying to ask the child if they want to go home or go inside. If you find these signs, tell them that you have to leave/go inside.
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    When the parent seems familiar with you, knock on their door and ask if you can help out with/play with the child. Don't be surprised if they say no or come outside instead of inviting you inside. If they are not familiar enough with you and/or don't trust you, expect to hear no. This is simply to gain the parent's trust and also to gain some experience with taking care of younger children.
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    Tell the parents about your babysitting services. To do this you will need a business card. Make one on your own or use this Red Cross Babysitting Business Card Template
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    Keep following steps 2 and 3 until you get the job. The parent will likely spread the word to their friends and you will get lots of babysitting jobs. See warnings.


  • For step 2, it will help if your parents are familiar with the parents of the child you want to babysit.
  • Take the First Aid Red Cross Course or another certified First Aid Course. Another plus for the parents: if there's an emergency, the babysitter knows first aid and therefore how to save my child! Amazing! Beware though; the videos in the first aid course can be kind of graphic, so it's best to do this only if you are 14 or older. If you are too squeamish, take the CPR course instead.
  • Take the Red Cross Babysitting Course or another certified babysitting course if you can find one and put it on your resume. The parents will like to know that the babysitter they have is trained.
  • For step 3, try getting your parents to tell the parents that you could go over and help anytime (only if the two parents know each other well, however).
  • Try this with multiple families who have young children.
  • It is a good idea to have a resume ready for if the parent wants to see one.
  • You can skip step 1 if your parents already know another neighboring parent who has a young child, and then simply follow the steps with them.
  • Make every tenth visit free.
  • Make a coupon that says the first three times you will work for only $5 per hour!


  • Don't get ahead of yourself and immediately babysit if you/the parents aren't ready for it!
  • Don't be upset if you don't get hired. The person may have family to take care of the child. Remember, they may still spread the word!

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