How to Get Back in Shape

It's been a long time since the last time you worked out. And now you are out of shape. Read on to know how to get back in shape-


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    Start gradually. Don't rush. Consult a physician to know your current body condition, especially after not working out for a long time, adding weight or in case of sickness/illness.
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    Buy new stuff. Buy new shoes and comfortable exercise clothing. Don't hesitate to make an investment on workout clothes as it will give you motivation to work out and use them. And consider working out with a friend to have someone to whom you’re accountable on a regular basis.
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    Go for a fun activity. Set short-term, obtainable goals in a consistent workout schedule, and choose an exercise or activity that you like to do. Start with light, short routines like a walk or jog 3 days a week or maybe cycling.
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    Keep a record. Record each of your workouts online or in a notebook, this will help in tracking you progress. Once moving well again, gradually start working on your strength in the muscle groups. Also take photographs of yourself periodically in order to document your progress.
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    Work towards building a routine. Add to your cardio exercise routine, whether walking, running, lifting, or swimming. Play sports — basketball, football, soccer, and so on, it helps in giving full workouts. Create a new healthy lifestyle and readjust goals constantly as you improve.
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    Reward yourself. Whenever you manage to achieve your small or long term goals reward yourself by healthy snack or taking a day off or days off occasionally when you feel worn out to avoid injury.
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    Join classes. Join gym or an exercise class, it will help you staying in shape, like a habit. Before you know it, you will probably have the best body in town.


  • Avoid junk food as much as possible.
  • Get your diet in shape by adding in a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grain breads and pasta. Monitor your food intake to build energy and health.


  • Always consult a physician before attempting a new exercise plan.

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  • Goals
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