How to Get Brighter Eyes

Three Methods:Using MakeupKeeping Your Eyes HealthyTrying Natural Brighteners

Bright eyes look bigger and more beautiful than eyes that are dull. Using white eyeliner and other strategic makeup products is a great way to instantly brighten your eyes. You can also reduce puffiness and make them look bigger and brighter using natural items like cucumbers and teabags. Finally, keeping your eyes beautiful and bright is much easier when you eat well, get a good night's sleep and look after your health.

Method 1
Using Makeup

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    Even your skin tone with foundation. Choose a foundation that matches the color of your skin and apply it with your fingers or a foundation brush. Blend the foundation well on your cheeks and around your eyes. This creates an even palette that will help your eyes stand out and look bigger and brighter.[1]
    • Use either cream or powder foundation, according to the one that works best with your skin type.
    • Do not apply too much foundation; just use as much as you need. If you use too much, your makeup will have a caked-on appearance, detracting from the beauty of your eyes.
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    Use concealer under your eyes. If you have under-eye circles, concealer is a great tool to help brighten your eyes. Apply concealer with your finger by drawing upside-down triangles under your eyes, then blend the concealer well. Your eyes will look instantly brighter.
    • The triangle method of applying concealer has been shown to look more natural than other methods. Two corners of the triangle should stretch from one corner of your eye to the other. The tip of the triangle should extend to the top of your cheekbone. Blend well to make sure the lines aren't visible.
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    Apply highlighter in strategic spots. Highlighter is an increasingly popular product that brightens up the face and eyes. Look for cream or powder highlighter that has a gentle shimmer. It will catch the light and give your face a healthy, youthful glow. Apply highlighter to the following spots:
    • In an arc just above your eyebrows
    • At the inner corners of your eyes
    • Along the bridge of your nose
    • Along the ridge of your cheekbones
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    Use white or neutral eyeliner. White or neutral eyeliner will have the subtle effect of making your eyes appear to be open wider. The lighter hues will make your eyes look brighter, too. Apply white or neutral eyeliner along your tear line on your bottom lids.[2] Leave the rest of your eyes liner-free.
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    Apply pale or shimmery eyeshadow. Pale shades of blue, pink, lavender, gold and silver will catch the light and create a brighter look. Choose a shadow with shimmer or simply go with a pastel if you don't want your eyelids to sparkle.
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    Curl your lashes. Curling your eyelashes will make your eyes appear wider and more awake. Use an eyelash curler to curl your top and bottom lashes after you've applied the rest of your eye makeup.
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    Finish with mascara. The dark tone of the mascara will contrast with the light shadow and liner to draw attention to your eyes. Framing your eyes with dark lashes will make them look all the brighter. Apply a coat or two to both your top and bottom lashes to finish your look.

Method 2
Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

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    Get a full night's sleep. There's only so much you can correct with makeup. Getting a good night's sleep is essential for having bright, healthy-looking eyes. Aim to get seven or eight hours of sleep each night so you'll wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
    • Try going to bed on a set schedule, and waking up at the same time every morning. The routine will help your body rest well, and you'll wake up looking and feeling refreshed.
    • On days when you didn't sleep well the night before, treat your eyes with extra care to help them feel and look good throughout the day.
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    Drink plenty of water. When it comes to your eyes (and your skin and hair, for that matter) drinking water is an essential beauty trick. When your body is dehydrated, your eyes can appear dull or bloodshot. Drinking plenty of water keeps them clear and bright.
    • When you feel thirsty, drink water instead of reaching for coffee or soda. There's no other beverage that hydrates your body the way water does.
    • Taking a reusable water bottle with you as you go about your day is a good way to stay hydrated. That way, you'll never be without a drink of water when you need one.
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    Avoid alcohol and salty foods. Both alcohol and salt can cause your eyes to look puffy and swollen, since they dehydrate your body.[3] The worst time to eat salty foods and drink alcohol is right before bed, before your body has had time to process everything you've consumed; you'll inevitably wake up with puffy eyes. Stop eating and drinking a few hours before bed, and drink plenty of water to make up for any alcohol or salty substances you've consumed.
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    Eat nutrients that nourish your eyes. As a long-term way to get brighter eyes, examine your diet and see if you can add more nutrients that are known to benefit your eyes. Load up on the following nourishing foods to promote eye health for years to come:
    • Carrots and sweet potatoes: these contain beta carotene, which is excellent for preventing macular degeneration and cataracts.[4]
    • Spinach, bell peppers and brussels sprouts: these foods are high in vitamin C, which protects the eyes.
    • Turkey and other lean meats: they contain zinc and b vitamins essential to eye health.
    • Salmon, sardines and almonds: they contain omega 3 fatty acids, which protect the eyes.
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    Make sure your lens prescription is correct. Even if you eat healthy and get plenty of sleep, eye strain could be causing your eyes to be irritated, dry and red instead of bright and healthy. Be sure to regularly visit the eye doctor to make sure you're wearing the correct glasses or contacts prescription.
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    Steer clear of allergens. Dust, cat dander, mold and other allergens can cause the eyes to look bloodshot and puffy. Try to keep your environment as allergen-free as possible. During allergy seasons, take medication to reduce eye swelling and irritation, so your eyes will look and feel bright and healthy.
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    Use saline drops when necessary. It's a quick way to restore moisture to your eyes and help them look brighter right away. Saline drops are formulated to replace your natural tears and lubricate your eyes.

Method 3
Trying Natural Brighteners

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    Soothe your eyes with cucumbers. This is a great remedy to try when you wake up in the morning with puffy eyes. Lie down, close your eyes and place a couple slices of chilled cucumber on your eyelids. Keep them there for about five minutes, until the slices are warm. The cool temperature will help reduce swelling and irritation. If you don't have a cucumber, try a pair of chilled spoons.[5]
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    Use chamomile teabags. Chamomile is a soothing substance that can help reduce eye irritation. Soak two teabags in water, squeeze them out, then chill them in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Place the teabags over your closed eyes and let them sit for about five minutes.
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    Use grated potato. Grate a white potato and spread small clumps of potato over your closed eyelids. Leave the potato on your eyes for five minutes before rinsing it away with cool water. Potato has astringent properties that help reduce swelling.
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    Make a witch hazel compress. Which hazel is a gentle astringent that is often used as an ingredient in first aid products meant to help with swelling. Soak two cotton balls in witch hazel, then place them over your eyes for five minutes. The swelling and irritation should subside.[6]
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    Make an aloe compress. If your eyes are burning and itching, aloe is your solution. Dip two cotton balls in aloe vera gel, then refrigerate them for a few minutes. Place the chilled aloe over your eyelids for five minutes before removing.

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