How to Get Cheap and Trendy Baby Clothes

Two Parts:Finding Clothes OnlineShopping For Clothes in Person

Some of the trendiest clothes these days are for babies and toddlers, with their clothes changing styles with each year and season. Keeping up with baby clothes trends can be expensive, but it is possible to have a modern and stylish wardrobe for your little one without breaking the bank.

Part 1
Finding Clothes Online

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    Buy or bid for cheap and trendy clothes on eBay. With its huge selection of new and name brand clothing, eBay is a great option for budget-conscious parents. Search for your desired size with a specific brand name to see what other sellers have listed, such as “girls 6 month Ralph Lauren”.
    • You can also type in the style of clothing you are looking for and the size, such as “2T maxi dress”. You can then sort by only new items, or expand your search to save on previously owned items.
    • Sellers can list all sorts of items on eBay, so be sure to read the entire description before purchasing so you are aware of the true condition and what is included.
    • eBay sales are either done via auction, in which case your price isn’t solidified until the auction period ends, or use a “buy now” price to buy the item outright right away.
    • Payment is reliably made through PayPal, and then items are shipped straight from the seller’s home.
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    Search for baby clothes on Craigslist. Craigslist works in a similar way to eBay, by allowing users to sell just about anything. The difference with Craigslist is that each geographic area around the country has its own page on the site, meaning you can search for items just in your area and pick them up on your own.
    • Keep in mind that Craigslist is dependent on what users are selling at the moment and tends to have its up and downs with trendy baby clothes. Check the site often with certain key words, such as a specific size, style, or brand, to see what is for sale.
    • When you are interested, contact the seller through the site and make arrangements to meet for the sale. For your safety, bring a friend or meet in a public place. Craigslist users may be more opening to bartering than shopping at other places, so you may be able to grab a great bargain.
    • Craigslist can be the home of great deals, but is limiting because you are only open to items sold in your area.
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    Try searching some online consignment stores. Virtual consignment stores follow the same general principles of traditional consignment stores, but allow you to shop from the comfort of your own home. There are a wide variety of online stores, but popular options are and
    • At online consignment stores, users sell and mail their used baby items to a central warehouse where the company photographs and uploads each item with a price and description. Buyers can then search for their desired items and purchase, where they are sent from the central warehouse.
    • Online consignment stores have a variety of items available, and can be more convenient than traditional stores because you aren’t driving around looking for items.
    • Most online consignment stores only take items in very good condition and that follow the latest trends, so it may be easier to find what you are looking for than shopping at places that take all levels of clothing.
    • However, you end up having to pay shipping costs, which can mean the deals aren’t as great as they seem.

Part 2
Shopping For Clothes in Person

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    Find some good quality garage sales. Garage sales give people a chance to sell used items from the comfort of their own home, but they can be a little hit or miss. Do the research in your area to find the best days of the week for garage sales and the best neighborhoods to shop.
    • Search community boards and websites, as well as classified sites like Craigslist to see the garage sales happening this weekend. You can also search for garage sales that list that they are selling baby clothes. Some garage sale organizers will even list specific brands they have for sale.
    • While it isn’t a guarantee that these sales will be selling trendy clothes in good condition, garage sales are some of the best places to get incredible bargains. If you are willing to shop around and wade through piles of outdated clothes, you may be able to find some amazing deals.
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    Shop around in consignment stores. Consignment stores buy used clothing and resell it at incredibly discounted prices. Most consignment stores only take items that are in like-new condition, and many are partial to brand names or trendy baby clothing.
    • Do your research and ask around to find the right consignment store for your taste—some might cater to certain brands or ages.
    • Before planning your shopping trip, check for extra discounts, such as seasonal sales or additional reductions on certain days of the week. If you have used baby items to sell, many consignment stores offer more money for buying items if you get the money in store credit, which you can then use to get trendy baby clothes.
    • Consignment stores don’t have a guaranteed inventory, but do tend to more consistently have trendy clothes items. Most stores only stock items that are in season, so don’t try to buy a designer coat during the summer.
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    Look for off-season sales in popular baby stores. Baby stores almost always have something on sale, and they tend to have their largest sales at the end of a season when they are trying to clear the store for new inventory. Shop these sales to buy trendy items for the following year.
    • For example, you can get great deals on summer clothes, swimsuits, and sandals at the end of summer and beginning of fall. Purchase them in the size your child will be the next summer for fantastic deals.
    • Combine these sales with membership perks for great deals. Many baby stores offer frequent shopper rewards, such as discounts after you’ve spent a certain amount of money, or access to member-exclusive coupons or sales.


  • With a little persistence and shopping around, you can provide your baby child a trendy wardrobe without blowing your budget. Check stores and websites regularly to get the best deals on the newest clothes.

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