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Five Methods:Using Homemade Remedies for Fast ResultsUsing ProductsCleaning and SanitizingChanging Your LifestyleChanging Your Diet for Long-Term Results

Achieving clear skin doesn't have to be a struggle! Here are some practical steps you can start taking now to help clear-up your complexion STAT, as well as some long-term changes that will solve your skin worries for good.

Method 1
Using Homemade Remedies for Fast Results

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    Try some honey or aloe vera. Aloe vera and honey have natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and can help calm down the swelling and inflammation associated with outbreaks.[1]
    • Apply some to your problem spots and leave on for 5-10 minutes.
    • Be sure to remove all residue and clean your skin after the 10 minutes.
    • Raw natural honey works best, as does fresh aloe vera.
    • You can keep a live aloe vera plant in your kitchen and simply break of a stem to get fresh aloe vera, which is also wonderfully soothing for burns.
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    Try aspirin. The salicylic acid found in aspirin is great for zapping zits.[2]
    • Instead of orally taking two aspirin, crush them up and apply it to your skin.[3]
    • Add a few drops of water and honey to create a more liquid paste, infused with the anti-inflammatory properties of honey.
    • Leave it on for about 10 minutes, then wash off completely.
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    Open up a bottle of champagne or merlot. If you’re old enough and have some extra champagne or merlot around, dab a little on your acne. The tartaric acid found in grapes can help clear-up your complexion.[4]
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    Add a twist of citrus. The acid found in lemons and oranges can help kill bacteria clear up your skin.[5]
    • Simply rub on a little citrus juice before your normal cleaning and moisturizing steps.
    • You can also use the peel. Soak an orange or lemon peel in hot water for about ten minutes, then gently massage your face with white side of the peel.
    • Add about one tablespoon of baking soda to lemon juice to make a paste. Baking soda can help to balance your ph levels and help you maintain clear skin.
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    Try some turmeric. Turmeric is a spice typically found in Indian cuisine. It’s also a great antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent for your skin! Mix together about a tablespoon of turmeric powder with citrus juice to make a paste.[6]
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    Treat your skin to some warm coconut oil. Coconut oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which are great for clearing up clogged pores. It’s like a tropical vacation for your skin![7]
    • Gently warm some coconut oil in your microwave. Be sure to test it with your finger to make sure it’s not too hot.
    • Gently massage the warm oil into the skin.
    • Leave it on for around 10 minutes.
    • Rinse the oil off with lukewarm water.

Method 2
Using Products

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    Use natural cleansers to wash your face. Read labels carefully; not all soaps are the same![8]
    • Look for natural, organic soap that is especially formulated for acne-prone skin.
    • Avoid facial cleansers with too many harsh chemicals, especially alcohol. These can actually do more harm than good, and especially dry out your skin.
    • Salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are typically added to anti-acne soaps.[9]
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    Order you skin regime. The order or sequence in which you apply your products is actually quite important.[10]
    • Use which product has the most active ingredients listed on its label first. These are the most powerful, and you want them to have direct contact with your skin without any interference from other products.[11]
    • If you're using more than one active product, use with the thinner one or more water soluble one first. Creamier products will block thinner ones from reaching your skin.[12]
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    Use spot-treaters. There are a slew of commercial products on the market, as well as some prescription products available through your doctor, that can help treat specific skin problem areas. There are also some great home remedy spot treaters that you can try, such as citrus juice, baking soda, and even wine. Read the above "Using Homemade Remedies" section for more!
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    Use an exfoliant. Products with exfoliating properties like scrubs or peels can help to make your pores look smaller as well as reverse any acne scaring. Avoid using exfoliants, though, if you have an active acne flair! You might end up bursting pimples and spreading around their bacteria.

Method 3
Cleaning and Sanitizing

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    Take off your makeup before bed. Makeup, especially foundations, can really clog up your pores. Be sure to thoroughly remove your makeup with a strong but non-drying makeup remover every night.[13]
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    Wash the right way. Follow these steps for effectively washing your face.[14]
    • Start by rinsing your face with warm water. Warm water helps to open up your pores. You can also run hot water for a while in the sink or shower, and with the bathroom door closed, in order generate steam. Steam is also great for opening pores, but just be careful not to scold yourself with the hot water.
    • Apply your soap or cleaning product according to the label instructions.
    • Rinse it off all the product with warm water.
    • After all the residue is removed, rinse your face with cold water. Cold water helps to close the clean pores.
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    Clean your makeup brushes and/or facial razors. These can hotbeds for acne-causing bacteria.[15]
    • To clean your cosmetic brushes, sponges, or other applicators, use some gentle facial soap mixed lukewarm water.
    • To clean your facial razor, dip it into some isopropyl alcohol after you finish shaving to sanitize your blades. [16] For electric razors, be sure to follow the manufacture’s instructions for your specific make and model.[17]
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    Disinfect your Smartphone. Germs from your hands love hanging out on your smart phone’s glass screen, which can then transfer to your face.[18]
    • To kill skin-harming germs, wipe your phone down with a disinfectant wipe every so often. Just be sure not to use any liquid cleaners that can get inside and damage your phone.[19]
    • Keep your phone off your face by using the speaker phone more or even try texting instead.[20]
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    Change your sheets regularly. Pillowcases can harbor sweat, oil, and bacteria which can all lead to clogged pores. Try changing your pillowcase twice a week.[21]

Method 4
Changing Your Lifestyle

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    Be careful with styling products. Your hair gel, cream, or hairspray can actually be harmful to your skin.[22]
    • These products can transfer from your hair to your skin and clog pores, especially around the hairline or where your bangs touch your face.
    • Try to cover your face while applying your hair products.
    • You can also wash your face after you finish doing your hair.
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    Get lots of sleep. Sleep is the best time for your skin to rejuvenate. And the quicker your skin regenerates, the quicker your blemish can go away. Try to get at least 7-8 hours a night.[23]
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    Avoid touching your face. There are tons of germs on our hands and touching your face can spread these blemish-causing baddies to your skin. Also avoid popping or picking pimples—this only causes inflammation and more damages as it pushes bacteria deeper inside pores.[24]

Method 5
Changing Your Diet for Long-Term Results

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    Go Dairy-Free. Dermatologists recommend dropping dairy products from your diet as a way to achieve clear skin.[25]
    • Dairy products contain bovine hormones that can stimulate your skin’s oil production and lead to acne outbreaks.[26]
    • Avoid cow’s milk, cheese, ice cream, and anything else with added dairy (like protein bars or creamy salad dressings).
    • If you can’t drop milk completely, consider switching to organic and skim: there’re no added/modified growth hormones in organic and much less fat in skim, which is where the dangerous hormones are concentrated. [27]
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    Go Nuts. Research has shown that nuts are rich in essential oils and fatty acids that help improve the quality of skin.[28]
    • Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, which promotes skin elasticity.[29]
    • Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which lower inflammation.[30]
    • Macadamias help to repair and rejuvenate the skin.[31]
    • Avoid peanuts. Consuming a lot of peanuts can increase your androgen hormone levels, which can actually lead to more breakouts.[32]
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    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Water is a vital yet often overlooked element for healthy skin and a healthy body, overall.[33]
    • Experts recommend drinking 8-10 cups of water a day.[34]
    • Try to drink filtered or natural spring water, if possible, to avoid any toxins that might be lurking in your tap water.[35]
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    Cut down on fatty, high carb foods. It may sound like an old-wives tail, but those old-wives were quite wise! Research has shown that foods high in fats and carbohydrates (like french fries) can lead to both wrinkles and breakouts.[36]
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    Increase your zinc intake. Dermatologists agree that zinc is great for a number of skin ailments.[37]
    • Zinc helps to repair damaged tissues, heal wounds, and clear acne.[38]
    • You can get more zinc by taking vitamins (check with your doctor first before starting a new vitamin regime) or by eating foods rich in zinc.[39]


  • Seek professional help. If your acne isn’t clearing up, pay a visit to a dermatologist for their professional opinion. There are a lot of prescription only products -- from soaps, to creams, to pills -- that can help.[40]


  • Check the ingredient label to make sure your not allergic to anything
  • Avoid Facial cleansers and lotions with the ingredients; Oils, Alcohol, Parabens, Fragrance, and Triclosan.[41]
  • Don’t pop pimples. It’s tempting, but don’t do it! This will only serve to spread bacteria and damage your pores which can result in scaring.[42]
  • Don’t use exfoliant during a breakout. Instead, use gentle cleaners or natural home remedies.

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