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It is said that "Justice delayed is Justice Denied" what does it exactly means? The meaning of saying is that if the Justice is delayed in the Courts; that means justice is denied to that particular person. The reason for this can be Judges not taking proper interest in the case(this case not being his personal case.) or the costly and lengthy Judicial proceedings; So, what's the way out? Here are a few steps if taken properly can insure you the much deserved Justice faster.


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    Try to settle the matter out of the Courts. Either with the help of a mediator or by the consent of both the parties i.e. you can make a deal outside the Courts.
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    Take the help of Mediator's, Conciliator's or the Arbitration faculty inside the Courts.
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    You can the stop the other party from filing an Appeal so that your time, resources and energy can be saved. For this a mutual agreement can be reached.
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    Lok Adalat's were set up in India to expedite Justice where no appeal can filed. And the Jury gives its decision with the consent of both the parties. The same Format can be followed in U.S. of course with some adaptation's.
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    Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status. So it is your basic right as guaranteed by the Constitution to have the Justice delivered in adequate time frame. So tell your judge, the jury or your attorney about this.
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    What are the Basic features of our Human Rights; they are Universal and unalienable, Equal and non discriminatory, Interdependent and Indivisible, Both rights and obligations.The 1993 Vienna World Conference on Human Rights, for example, noted that it is the duty of States to promote and protect all human rights and fundamental freedoms, regardless of their political, economic and cultural systems. So as a basic Human Right you have the "Right to faster Justice."
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    Here we are entering the 21st Centuries but the Judicial Systems we have are centuries old systems that were not upgraded with time. Renovation of Judicial Systems is a must and the same should we updated. New law's must be made to replace the old law's. For example UN promotes the "Right to Employment" as a basic Human Right but it is not compulsory; so it can be made compulsory so that it is the duty of the State to provide employment to the youth. Thus much of our youth and their families can be saved form the disaster that they have to face for not having a job. But to achieve this strong political will of the Senator's is essential so that positive result can be achieved. They are just busy giving the statement's which they never live up to.
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    The number of Courts, Attorneys, Judges or their staff can be increased; so that they can work in a faster and efficient manner. Selection methods for them be upgraded so that they have the necessary skills, knowledge and will power to serve the people. To deliver the Justice in an efficient, expeditious manner and low cost's (with less harassment to the people).
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    People are respectful in Courts and they also behave themselves. They file Appeals in Higher Court's to get justice. They give so much of their time, resources and energy (even leave their work or holiday's) to prepare legal document's, to do legal research, finding authorities, attending Courts proceedings and being a witness; so they have a Right to Faster and Real Justice.


  • Right to Justice is a Fundamental Right guaranteed by the Constitution.
  • The people acting as mediator's, conciliator's or arbitrator's must be reliable, knowledgeable and with proper skills.
  • Special Fast Track Courts can be set up to give the judgement with in 3 months.
  • It is State's duty to uphold people's rights like right to faster Justice.
  • You can do proper research before doing any out of Court settlement.
  • You can pay some monetary compensation and agree to some terms of agreement to save yourself form unnecessary harassment in Court proceeding's and prosecution.


  • Denying people their right to justice or faster justice can lead to severe consequences like public outburst's or mob violence, which can be very harmful for our society.
  • People can lose their faith in the Judiciary and the democratic System which can lead to a state of Anarchy
  • Not having a proper back up Judicial Systems can lead to failure in delivery of Justice which can lead to a situation's like people's outrage can prevail.

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