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Both a website and a mobile application for Apple and Android-based devices, iFunny is a place to share humorous photos and videos. Images are divided into two sections: Collective, where every submission is first placed and Featured, the 60 best-liked images of the day.[1] Getting your image to be one of the 20 picked each morning, afternoon, and evening.[2] takes knowing how to be funny, how to promote yourself, or the ability to exploit the iFunny software.


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    Upload something funny. This is what the iFunny people recommend on their FAQ page as how to get your image on the Featured section.[3] Of course, to do this, you first need to access the website or install the app on your mobile device and create a profile so that everyone else knows who the funny person who posted that image on the Featured page is. There’s no universally accepted standard of what is funny, but here are some guidelines to consider:
    • The target of your humor should be someone or something your audience considers worth making fun of. The foibles of politicians or celebrities are often considered suitable targets, while ethnic groups are not, at least from outside that group.
    • The best jokes have a truth that underlies them, while often exaggerating certain points to the level of absurdity. For example, coyotes are predators and scavengers, but only Wile E. Coyote goes to the length of ordering expensive, defective gear from Acme to catch the Road Runner.
    • Many of the best jokes build up an expected response, then go in a different direction. For example, a picture of a high-definition television with the caption at the top saying, “I bought this TV on Black Friday to see the big game,” but at the bottom, “I tell you, ‘’Jeopardy!’’ has never looked better.”[4]
    • These guidelines may prove important, as users can vote your images as “funny” or “unfunny.” The total of your “funny” votes minus the total of your “unfunny” votes is the overall score your image receives. The higher your score, the more likely your image is to earn Popular or Featured status.[5]
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    Join a group of iFunny fans. If you can’t beat ‘em by yourself, join a group of other people who want to see ‘’their’’ images make the Featured section, too. Apps such as Palringo[6] offer mobile users the chance to join up with groups such as the I Funny Feature Squad, who agree to share, comment, and like one another’s images in the hope that one or more of their submissions will get featured.[7]
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    “Glitch” your way to the top. If actually being funny or trying to get others to believe you’re funny doesn’t appeal to you, you can always try transferring the like count from an uploaded image of yours with a lot of likes to one with only a few likes.
    • Select one of your images with a high like count.
    • Tap the image count to refresh it.
    • While the image count is refreshing, switch the display to an image you know has a lower count. When the refresh is complete, the higher number count will display for both the first and the second image. You may have to repeat the refresh trick several times, however.[8]
    • Be aware that at some point, iFunny will fix this glitch, if it hasn’t already been fixed by the time you read this. At that point, you’ll be stuck with getting other people to think you’re funny.


  • Don’t be surprised if the image you think is most deserving of Featured status is different from the image of yours that actually earns that status.[9]
  • There is no “magic number” of likes that will boost your image to the Featured section; however, the more likes you have, the easier it will be for the iFunny people to notice your image.[10]
  • You can upload both still images and videos to iFunny. Of the 20 Featured images, typically 1 is a video and the other 19 are still images.[11]


  • Images with the comment “KIK Me” aren’t from masochists, but instead are from people asking to be messaged with the KIK app. As this became a problem in 2012, users can flag images with “KIK Me” comments as spam to be deleted.[12] (It’s up to you whether you want to take the trouble of tracking down the person who posted a “KIK Me” and delivering an actual kick to that person’s posterior.)
  • You may think it’s funny, but iFunny doesn’t have any use for porn, spam, or submissions that otherwise don’t conform to their rules. Violate them, and you can expect to have your account blocked. Then, how will you convince anyone you’re funny?[13]

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