How to Get Healthy, Clean and Good Looking Hands and Nails

Your hands are always on display. Having gorgeous hands and nails is a big step towards becoming a totally hot girl. Unfortunately, your hands do everything for you—cleaning, typing, writing...everything. So it's very easy for your hands to become covered in dry, peeling skin and decorated with thick, dirty nails. Having nice hands and nails is very important, so if you're ready to get those hands you've been dying for, follow these easy steps.


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    Clean your hands. There's no use in painting your nails and rubbing in lotion if your hands and nails are dirty. If you have nail polish on, remove it before washing your hands.Grab a toothbrush and squirt some soap on it, then rub it in. Leave it next to you. Wash your hands in warm water, not cold or scalding. Use a good quality soap. Rub the soap everywhere: your wrists, in between your fingers, and the area around your nails. Wash the soap off, and then use the soapy toothbrush to scrub the actual nail and the dirt under it. Then make small circular movements around your whole hand with the toothbrush. This gets the hand really clean and makes dead skin disappear.
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    Gently pat your hands dry. Use a clean, preferably fluffy, towel. Don't make them starch dry; leave them a little moist. Don't put on any lotion or clip your nails just yet.
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    Massage your hands. Search for something to massage your hands with. Almost anything will do: massaging lotion, olive oil, yogurt, warm milk, even lemon juice. Rub a little on your palms and use it to massage the whole hand. Massage slowly; don't rush. Just relax and make sure you actually enjoy this step—that's pretty much the whole point. Rinse off whatever you used with warm water. If you used olive oil or something that can be rubbed in, just leave it in—it'll treat your skin. If you used a lot of yogurt or milk, wash away a little bit and rub in the rest. Don't scrub your hands and wash them thoroughly, completely washing away what you used to massage your hands (that'll make them feel tight and dry).
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    Rub in some lotion. You might want to use face cream if you want. Some good brands are Sorbolene (it's great on dry and peeling skin), DermaVeen (again, for dry and peeling skin), and the new Vaseline range. Do it properly: don't slather on the whole lot, but use enough to really get deep down.
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    Trim your nails. Thoroughly clean the undersides of your nails before clipping the nails: make sure that there isn't any dirt left. It's best to keep them short, which looks neat and is easier to manage. Try to cut all your nails the same length and shape. If you need to, file them afterward. Rub in some cuticle cream on each nail. If you don't have any cuticle cream, use lip balm instead. Leave the cream in for twenty minutes.
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    Paint your nails. Grab your favourite colour if you're going out. If you're not going out or doing anything special, just use a clear gloss. Your nails really need a break from strong nail polish, or they may get weak or turn yellow. Some nice colours for your hands would be a pearly pink, deep red, or a natural colour. Metallic, glittery and shiny nail polish is very cool too. If you're painting your nails using an actual colour, make sure to sandwich the colours between a thick coat of clear polish, to protect and add shine. How many layers you paint is totally up to you, and depends on the thickness of the polish. Once you're done, wait for your nails to dry. Be careful. If you can, slip on a pair of gloves to lock in all the moisture and protect your hands for a little while. Do this repeatedly if necessary for best results.
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  • Don't ever clip too low, it will hurt!
  • Remember, always wash your hands before eating, after going to the toilet and after cleaning or touching animals like cats or dogs. And don't forget to moisturize afterward. It might seem pointless, but it's great for your hands.
  • A hand model trick is to slather your hands in moisturizer and then coat them with a layer of Vaseline on top. Then put on a pair of light cotton gloves to sleep in.
  • Make sure you always have nail polish remover and cotton buds while painting nails to quickly fix any mistakes.
  • If you can, use cuticle cream everyday. Again, you can also use lip balm. It really does make a difference to your nails, and it's totally worth the extra bother.
  • French manicures look amazing on your hands.
  • You can wear bracelets and rings to define your beautiful hands.
  • Nail art is great fun, so get your creative cap on and start experimenting. Even just painting a star or stripe on each thumb can make a world of difference to a boring manicure.
  • Apply sunscreen to your hands,and the rest of your body everyday.
  • What you can also do are apply garlic on nails and cuticle, then you'll see a big difference.
  • Make sure that you don't have any broken/split nails, or painting them will be useless.


  • Don't chew your nails!
  • Metallic, glittery and shiny nail polish can be quite tough for a beginning manicurist to handle. They can get thick and messy, so be careful.

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