How to Get in Shape for a Sport

Pick your sport, mold your shape. Every sport is different and each one requires its own special attributes. If you want to get in shape for a sport, start by figuring out what sport you are going to play and determine what physical skills will be needed. Then, mold that piece of clay called your body into a shape that's ready to play.


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    Consider the standard movements used for the sport in question. If you know your sport, start by examining what other people's movements are like when they are engaged in the activity. A swimmer, golfer, football player, soccer player, bowler, ultimate Frisbee player (whatever your sport!) all have different required movements to compete/play. By examining these different movements, you can begin to see what may be required and what areas you may personally need to work on.
    • For example, take the ultimate Frisbee player and see some of the needed movements to participate. Clearly, you will want to be able to run. If you have low cardiovascular endurance and that is a requirement for your chosen sport, this author recommends starting to walk and/or run to build up your training. You can work on technical skills to improve your game later as you continue to build endurance, but the important thing is to start - and to have fun. Many athletes will agree that the more prepared you are, the more fun you can have while playing your game.
    • Not into Frisbee and your sport doesn't require running (like golf for example)?. Then, no problem. Break down the movements again and see that there is some flexibility required in order to get a good rotation to strike the ball well.
    While these are two overly simplified examples, the point is to get an idea of what "shape" means for your sport.
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    Set up a workout routine matching with your specific sport(s). You may want to hire a specialist in the chosen area to help you with certain sport-specific movements. For example, a swimmers training can be very intense with multiple workouts per day - and with swimming, form is critical to be good. Don't push yourself too hard, otherwise you might get injured. You can change up your workouts each day to make it interesting so that you won't get bored with them.
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    Know whether there is a deadline in terms of a date for your sports. An example might be a triathlete or adventure race, or the next Olympics. Whatever the sport may be, if there are parameters your are working within, your training routine may be altered. If you are not sure where to find a training routine or how to develop one, do an online search for "(your sport) training routine" of "training routine for (your sport)" to find examples of others already playing that game you are shaping up for!
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    Get in shape with friends. Get together with some like-minded people (or some like minded friends) and make a club. This could include group workouts, motivation and trips to the gym - make it relaxing and not too overly obsessive. Don't stress it, either. If you stress yourself out, it's likely going to be much harder for you.
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    Remember why you are training. If you enjoy what you are doing, you will have more motivation to go and do it!

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