How to Get in Touch with Your Inner Pisces

If you have felt a little less than Pisces of late, it might be time to get in touch again with the real Pisces in you. If you are a devotee of the stars, you might already be aware that it takes time to reach the full potential of our star sign. The more we grow into our star qualities, the more joyful we become. To restore some balance and help you to get in touch with your inner Pisces, try following the way of the Pisces.

Pisces: a sensitive, caring, compassionate, emotionally charged, artistic, musical and dreamy personality. In touch with the spiritual side and often a self-sacrificer. Feb 19 - 20 Mar


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    Ditch the order. If you have a job or calling in life that requires a lot of order for you, it can be stifling. You need to whip up a little chaos. Start with a messy desk or brighter clothes. Perhaps this will surprise others but you must let the real you shine through.
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    Be true to yourself. If you are in the right job or field, you'll know it. If you are in daily pain and sadness, it may be due to working in the wrong field. Pisceans are best in the arts, fashion or music. See what you can do to gravitate this way.
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    Sit by the water. Water is the soul of your sign. Your feelings will be much easier to sort through near water and working out your true calling in life should always be done in the presence of water. Water calms, revives and fulfills Pisceans, so be sure to include it in your life somehow, even if it is just a living room fountain.
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    Don't let the negative sides of being Piscean take over. Pisceans have a tendency to be unable to know where you end and others begin. Stop letting yourself in for so much pain. It is fine to be empathetic but don't live in other people's shoes. Also quit acting the victim time and again; blaming others for your chaos is not only dishonest but is a poor reflection on the true Piscean nature which thrives on chaos better than others. Turn the negative into a good result by showing others how chaos can benefit creativity.
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    Meditate. Meditation is a pure form of inner connection and peace creation for Pisceans. Do not dismiss its benefits for your holistic health.


  • Famous Pisces personalities include Kurt Cobain, Albert Einstein, Drew Barrymore, Steve Jobs, Chelsea Clinton, Liza Minnelli, Rob Lowe, Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, and Queen Latifah. Look to famous celebrities for style tips and a sense of what works.

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