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How to Get Links for a Seiko Watch Band

Your arms may have gotten a bit bigger over the last few years or maybe it is just your wrist that has gotten bigger. In either case, maybe now your Seiko watch band is getting just a bit uncomfortable or over-snug. If you live in the United States, it is really no problem to get three additional links gratis. You can add the links to your existing watch band yourself, easily restoring the snug, comfortable fit. Move down to Step 1 to find out just how easy this process can be.


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    Call the customer service center for Seiko USA at (201)529-3316. You can order additional watch links for any model of Seiko watch.
    • Have the watch model number ready and an estimate of the number of links you will need. Depending on the model of your watch, three links will extend your watch band about 2 cm (1"-).
    • At the opening voice menu, choose option #2 and, then do not select another option. Instead, wait for the next customer service representative.
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    Provide the model number for your watch as well as your name and address. Seiko will send you as many links as you need, and, best of all, the first three are free, with no shipping cost paid by you.
    • Links after the first three are currently $4.75 each. There will also be a shipping and handling charge if you order more than three links. This charge is currently $7.75.
    • Understand that this is for USA customers only. International customers will have to pay the normal overseas shipping and handling costs, but the prices for the links are the same. - The first three are free and each additional link is $4.75 USD.
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    Wait for five to seven days. You should receive the package containing the watch band links you ordered.
    • If three additional links are not enough to expand your watch band to the proper size, just give Seiko customer service another call.


  • The free links program is a long-standing program and is expected to continue near term.
  • Shipping is free to the United States and to its territories including Guam and Puerto Rico.
    • Check on the shipping charges for all other US territories and APOs. The shipping may or may not be free to your location.

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