How to Get on a Bus With Crutches

Are you on crutches? If you are, then the following article will help you learn how to get on a bus. Getting on buses with crutches can be very difficult and dangerous. Here are a few steps on how to get on a bus with crutches safe and sound.


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    Face the open bus door with your crutches evenly spaced on either side of you and the tops of the crutches pressing lightly against your rib cage. Lift your good leg and place it on the first step of the bus.
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    Pull the rest of your body up onto the step of the bus. Use the muscles in the top part of your good leg and push off slowly on the crutches, pulling the crutches and your injured leg up onto the first step.
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    Repeat until you are on the bus, then locate a seat and take a rest. Most buses have seats set aside for disabled people, but if yours does not and you can't find a seat, politely ask someone if they wouldn't mind giving up their seat as standing up with crutches, especially on a moving vehicle, is very dangerous.


  • Sit in the front of the bus.
  • If the bus steps have handrails, you could also ask the driver to set up the crutches on the bus and try to hop up the stairs on your good leg.
  • You could also try using one crutch and your good foot to get up the bus. Simply hold the handrail with one hand, and pass the other crutch to a friend or the driver.
  • Some buses have lifts or a function that lets them "kneel" to help riders board who have mobility difficulties. Some of these features take a little extra time, but If you need the assistance and can be patient, ask the driver to assist you in using such features.
  • Remind the driver to give you a little extra time with the bus still if you need it to make your way to your seat or to exit the bus safely when you reach your destination.

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