How to Get Over a Bad Breakup with the Help of Music

Break-ups can be one of the most painful events that we will go through in life, and sometimes the right music can really help in getting over it.


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    To start off, install iTunes, or any other player that will work with an iPod or mp3 player. If you use a diskman, simply burn these songs into a CD instead.
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    List down all the songs that remind you of him/her, especially any songs that were "your" songs, or their favorite songs. Place all these songs in a playlist titled with their name. These songs should be avoided until a suitable amount of time has passed
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    Next, type in "break-up songs" into google, or visit this link where you can browse through common break-up songs and download the ones you like.
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    Create a playlist with songs that are essentially "feel-good" or even "screw you" songs, which will uplift your mood. Name this playlist "Mood Uplifters". This playlist is ideal for the gym, listening to on the bus or at a public place or in the event of an upcoming breakdown.
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    Then, group all the sad songs in another playlist, which you can listen to only in private, when you are sure you would be able to handle them. Grieving is an important part in the process of getting over a failed relationship, and don't be afraid to feel the pain- just make sure you do it in moderation.
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    Lastly, create a final playlist of songs that are optimistic and make you feel better about the future, title this "What I want to be" so that you have this idea in mind while listening to them.
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    Sync your iPod or burn your CDs and label them, and you're ready to set off on the process of getting over your relationship.


  • Find a song that makes you feel good, look in all of your music, genre doesn't matter
  • An eclectic list of break-up songs:
    • Picture To Burn-Taylor Swift
    • Love of my Life-Queen
    • Stay (Faraway, So Close)-U2
    • The Scientist- Coldplay
    • My Philosophy- Ben Folds Five
    • Last Kiss- Pearl Jam
    • Here Without You- 3 Doors Down
    • I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For- U2
    • The Ex-Factor- Lauryn Hill
    • I Want To Break Free- Queen
    • Must I Paint You A Picture- Billy Bragg
    • Go Straight To Hell Boy- The Clash
    • Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood
    • Song For the Dumped- Ben Folds Five
    • Why Does It Always Rain On Me- Travis
    • Linger- The Cranberries
    • Every Note- Matthew Heller
    • Don't Dream It's Over- Crowded House
    • Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd
    • Come Away From It- Ani DiFranco
    • 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover- Paul Simon
    • Iris- Goo Goo Dolls
    • Don't Cry- Guns n Roses
    • November Rain- Guns n Roses
    • My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne
    • I Don't Wanna be in Love - Good Charlotte
    • Call Me When Your Sober - Evanescence
    • Don't Stop Believing - Journey
    • With or Without You - U2
    • Saint - Marilyn Manson
    • Slutgarden - Marilyn Manson
    • Everything We Had - The Academy Is...
    • Move Along - The All-American Rejects
    • Time Of Your Life - Green Day
    • Wine Red - The Hush Sound
    • A Town Called Hypocrisy - Lostprophets
    • I Don't Love You - My Chemical Romance
    • Second Chances - October Fall
    • Crushcrushcrush - Paramore
    • Song To Say Goodbye - Placebo
    • Hate(I Really Don't Like You) - Plain White T's
    • Still Standing - The Rasmus
    • Every Man Has A Molly - Say Anything
    • Do It Alone - Sugarcult
    • Ten Black Roses - The Rasmus
    • What Hurts The Most - Rascal Flatts
    • I Know Where You Sleep - Emilie Autumn
    • So What-Pink
    • Gives You Hell-All American Rejects
    • Last Kiss Goodbye- Hinder
    • If You Feel Better - Emilie Autumn
    • Don't Blame Me - Emilie Autumn
    • Ever - Emilie Autumn
    • Picture to Burn - Taylor Swift
    • The One That Got Away - Katy Perry
    • Better As A Memory - Kenny Chesney
    • Home - Phillip Phillips

Things You'll Need

  • An iPod, or a Diskman
  • iTunes or a CD burning software
  • CDs + Markers if you don't have an iPod

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