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Three Parts:Clearing Your HeadGetting this boy out of your systemMoving forward

Everyone passes through bad relationships and breakups. If you are going through hard times and need help getting over a boy, this article is right for you.

Part 1
Clearing Your Head

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    Keep calm and relax. Do something you love doing. Know that you are loved. There are more people in the world that may love you for who you are. Don't care about what he thinks about you; he's made a decision to be gone from your life now.
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    Think of your family, who love you for sure. When a boy breaks up with you, think of the people who love you and forget about those who hate you.

Part 2
Getting this boy out of your system

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    Think of all the boy's negative sides. The best thing to get over a guy is to think of his negative sides. List terrible things he did to you or other people. No matter how hard this may seem, or how little you can think of, keep working at it until you have at least five things.
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    Leave him out of your conversations. You want to forget him, not dig those feelings up. Censor yourself if you accidentally bring him up until you stop mentioning him anymore.
    • Don't talk about him with your friends.
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    Put everything that remind you of him in a box, or even throw them away. You'll feel so much better!
    • Get rid of all of the pictures and belongings of his, if you have any.
    • Burn it and forget it. Get rid of the gifts and mementos. Some memories are horrible mistakes.
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    Remind yourself that if he broke up with you or you broke up with him, it is for the reason that you weren't compatible. Maybe this is a chance to meet a new guy who will never want to lose you.
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    Never cry for a guy, there are millions of other guys in this world.

Part 3
Moving forward

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    Find a new hobby. It also helps to find a new hobby, like drawing, sewing, or playing an instrument.
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    Hang out with your best friends and have fun. Have a girls' night out or a slumber party. You'll forget about him!
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    Find someone new. It may be hard at first, but try to find someone that you like. It's best if he's not like the guy you're trying to get over.
    • Start hanging out with other guys. Find out which other guys like you and spend time with them. Eventually, you'll probably fall for one of them.


  • Forget about the boy! Always remind yourself that "If he left you, he wasn't worth having".
  • Always ask yourself, "What is the worse thing that could happen?" It is really up to you how big you make it. You might want him, but you don't need him.
  • If you ever come across with him just greet him politely but distantly.
  • Let him know that you are happy without him but still talk to him.
  • Do not lurk on his social media!! You'll only end up with your feelings hurt with seeing his interactions with other females.
  • Know that you can always get better than him.


  • Don't beg him, or please him. Just ignore him. He is losing you, you are not losing him.
  • Never say "I miss you." or other things. That makes him feel like he won and eventually makes you easy to walk all over.
  • Don't go to places where he goes frequently.
  • Don't have a close contact with his friends.

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