How to Get over a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Broke up? Or have you been rejected by that girl who gave you that smile at lunch or that guy you've been worshipping for the past year? Thought you two would last forever and forever but sadly broke up? Read through these steps and learn to overcome and move on!


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    Learn to come out from it all the better person, stronger, experienced and that you've learned from your mistakes.
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    Don't rush through getting over that person too quickly. You've been hurt, and lets face it you're probably thinking it's the worse thing that's ever happened to you.
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    Take a couple of days and think about what has happened, how it lead to the end and how you could have handled things better. Listen to feel good music, eat yummy food (but don't binge eat) watch movies (maybe not rom-coms, they might make you feel worse) and have some alone time, maybe write your feelings in a journal or scrap pieces of paper as long as you're letting your feelings flow. Even cry, believe it or not it does ease the pain. Do hobbies, paint/draw, read, visit friends or consult in a good friend of what has just occurred.
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    Make sure you understand why you two broke up and why that crush could never be a reality, its important to reflect and understand.
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    Next, delete any traces of that person. Texts, emails any embarrassing notes you may have written in your diary or school books. Even put away those pictures of you two, but don't bin them, keep them for remembrance, but if you feel its best to throw them all out do so. Its only been the first week so you're probably full of mixed emotions and probably feel like a roller coaster, one minute your sad, the next you're alright. Maybe you're sad that you two broke up or angry that girl never gave you the time of day to talk to her or never gave you a chance. Delete them off your Facebook. It is a clean break.
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    Don't dwell on things. Don't think why things went so bad. Never feel that you screwed up massively and that you're never going to find anyone special ever again. There are more than 6 billion people in this world, and you're perfect guy/girl might show up when you're least expecting it. Consider what was wrong in your relationship, why you and your crush would never happen. Remember the good times you had and that person shared but if your partner wanted more than what you were prepared to give to his/her life, it probably was going to end sooner or later.
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    Try different things. Start a new hobby, meet new friends. You never know, you might just find that kinda girl/guy you've always wanted. Just because your last relationship/crush never worked out doesn't mean you're doomed for loneliness and being a singleton for life!
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    Get your confidence back! Was your confidence knocked by that rejection? Did you think you were not worthy enough for anyone else or that that you thought that you had freckles and your ex-crush didn't go out with you and talk to you, because you thought he wouldn't like you because of the way you looked, doesn't mean that other people might think you're cute! Everyone is beautiful in there own way, inside and out! The guy/girl that didn't choose you is the LOSER and always remember you're the PRIZE.
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    Get into the habit of writing all your feeling down, or maybe express in painting? Learn a new instrument, you never know if you're good at something until you try! Anything to help you take your mind off things!
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    Get a new image! Get a haircut and go SHOPPING! Maybe try out a bob, bangs or side bangs? Make sure you look after yourself and to wash every 2-3 days. Try to to become more fashion interested! Trying out a new image will make you feel BETTER.
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    Don't feel too sorry for yourself. The worst thing is to Try to get pity from people. You'll get the odd person who will be there for you and for you to confide in, but don't go and depress everyone else about your sad breakup! Guys in your class/work may also notice and will be instantly put off by you.
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    S-M-I-L-E. Show people that you are happy and smiling is the easiest thing you can do to make people notice you.
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    Listen to music. Music is absolutely brilliant to get over a breakup. Listen closely to the lyrics and you may become familiar with the lyrics and the way the artist/band is singing about. Try to listen to Pop/R&B/Indie/PopRock/Electro. Nothing too depressing like MCR or Marilyn Manson!


  • Try not to think "At least we'll still be friends." Friendly relationships never work out like that. You feel awkward around them and you might start liking your crush again, landing back to square 1 and doing silly things like asking them out when they clearly aren't interested in you!
  • Learn that you can get over the rejection. Being rejected is probably worse than breaking up. (Opinion not fact) When you're in a relationship at least someone thought you were funny, great and attractive, but being rejected makes your mind wonder thinking you'll never be good enough for anyone.Always think your worthy and never think low of yourself.
  • Remember they missed out on you.
  • Try to smile everyday. Show no weakness around them! Working with them and being in the same class can seem really awkward. Don't mope about near them or run away from as soon as they enter the room! Forget about them and MOVE ON! And meet new people!
  • Don't call and text them all the time. Especially that crush. Its the most pathetic thing pleading to a girl/guy to get back with you. That person is not interested in you and what's the point liking a loser that can't easily see how awesome you are! Your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend will sooner or later feel gutted that they let someone so special as you go. Those rumours are true, that person doesn't like you so get OVER IT.


  • The first days of the breakup can be hard so be prepared for some awful and tearful days!
  • Try to not get too obsessed getting over them, there's only so much you can do.

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