How to Get over a Guy Who Is Using You for Sex

Getting over someone who used you for sex is hard, because it's hard facing reality. Unlike that person, you actually cared and you liked them for them. But that person used you and now you are hurt and partly attached. Here are some easy steps to forget the person who used you.


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    Decide whether he shares the same feelings that you have for him. A man wouldn't make you question his motives if he really liked you. You would know if he truly cares or if he doesn't. Is he chasing after you, or are you chasing after him? Do you constantly find yourself thinking about him and wondering if he even cares about you? Are you the one always starting the conversation, and doing whatever that is possible to keep it going? Are you the one sacrificing time out of your schedule for him and yet he doesn't do the same for you?
    • The truth is, if he is interested he would show you. He may say he cares and that he likes you, but actions speak louder than words. Don't make excuses for him or why he doesn't treat you the way he should.
    • Don't try to change him and don't force something to happen that isn't there. Coming to this realization and excepting it is hard because it's natural to want to feel loved back but if he decides he is all of the sudden not interested in you, after getting in your pants, then he never fully liked you for who you are to begin with.
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    Cry. Let it out! Cry, eat a whole bunch of junk food, be sad or mad at the world, buy a cat, dye your hair, do what want you want because everyone has different ways of expressing emotion. It is okay to feel hurt because you wanted a relationship but he didn't. He saw you as an opportunity and took advantage of your feelings. But it's all good in the hood. You know why? Because you will turn him and all of this bad experience into a learning opportunity to not make the same mistake next time.
    • Watch out for a guy who warns you all along he is a player but he also says he likes you. There is a risk of only seeing and hearing what you want to. (Another thing; don't assume you can change his ways). Realize that you won't let your guard down and let it happen ever again.
    • Sadly, that jerk will go on, and continue his life like he doesn't care that he hurt you, and that will probably even hurt you more. But you can move on too. If you still like him, pretend that you don't, until you convince yourself that he doesn't matter. You had a life before him and you will have an even better life without him.
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    Learn from this experience. Take this bad experience and make it a good one by making it a lesson learned and applying it life. Get over him, and know that you deserve better. If sex was all he wanted, then forget about him. Whatever happened in your instance, learn from it, whether it be not to be a rebound again, or not falling for the guy who was just talk, or ignoring the players––take the great lesson from it and be stronger for it.
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    Guard your heart. The next guy that comes along saying this and that, make him prove it to you. If he doesn't, then he isn't worth your time and he lying. Because, you are worth it, and if he liked you, he would see that you are worth fighting for and he will do everything in his power to get you and treat you like a queen.
    • A relationship is made of compromises. If you are the one putting in all the blood, sweat, and tears, then kiss that compromise goodbye.
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    Respect yourself enough to not go back to the guy who used you because you are lonely. You don't need a man to make you happy, or anyone else for that matter. Only you can determine your happiness.
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    Don't change who you are for anyone because being yourself is the most attractive thing a person can do. Know your self worth and don't settle for less. Live your life and be confident on your own. Forget the haters and love yourself and focus on you and your future, and if someone happens to be a good loving man to you, then that is an added bonus.


  • Don't catch feelings too fast for anyone in future. Take it slowly and cautiously.
  • Stay active and busy to keep ur mind off of him
  • Know that you are better off without him, and there are plenty of other guys 1000 times better.

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