How to Get Over Being Dumped on Facebook

Being digitally dumped on Facebook can be a humiliating experience because it's public, indifferent to your feelings, and probably completely unexpected. In one survey, a whopping 25 percent of respondents said the first they knew they had been dumped was on Facebook![1]

Reacting to your Facebook dumping with aplomb is an important step to maintaining your good reputation, as well as recovering from the shock. Show your friends the right way to react!


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    Make sure it's true before accepting the Facebook signs of being dumped. Signs such as a change in status to "single",[2] reading friend's wall posts about "have a great time with him/her tonight", and status updates detailing the decision to move on still need real life confirming the break up.
    • Call your boyfriend/girlfriend and ask for a meet-up, or an explanation.
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    Ask your ex to cease leaving comments on Facebook about your former relationship together. Naturally, you'll need to gauge the worth or otherwise of doing this from the context and from what you know of your ex. If you think this will simply goad them into saying even more, leave it. On the other hand, if you can convince them that this is an issue of respect, go for it.
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    Resist airing your grievances about the break up on Facebook. It's best not discussed publicly; the less said, definitely the better. Even if your ex stoops to this level, don't fight fire with fire. Be the stronger person and resist it. If you can't, be aware that there are consequences to engaging in tit-for-tat character slamming on Facebook:
    • Many of your friends will probably be appalled (apart from the ones who love salacious gossip and will egg you on)
    • You risk being sued for making defamatory comments if you go too far and your ex is the litigious type (don't wait till now to find out!)
    • You won't make interesting reading on the whole; a spat soon bores people once the juiciest details have leaked–from there on, it's all downhill
    • Your boss, college mates, colleagues, parents, and recruiters may just be reading too.
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    Remove your ex from your Friends List if you can't bear to read their updates and the rupture is one that leaves neither of you friends anymore.
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    Resist the temptation to keep checking up on your ex via Facebook. The only person being harmed by such constant cyberstalking is you, as you learn more than you ever need to know. If you feel compelled to do this, you've got a bad case of being stuck in the past and it's time to find ways to move on:
    • Seek professional counseling
    • Get a new hobby
    • Go on a backpacking trip
    • Start seeing your friends more often
    • Deactivate your Facebook account until you feel ready to stop checking up on your ex
    • Delete your Facebook account and start afresh with a new Facebook account, or just leave for a time
    • Have another friend keep an eye on your checking up - if you so much as mention anything about your ex, your friend can point out that you've been cyberstalking again and penalize you (make the penalties wallet-hitting, like shouting him or her to dinner!).
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    Write a blog post about the experience. Avoid naming names but talk about your general experience, including how it made you feel and how you overcame the shock and the very public nature of the online break up. Digital dumping is on the increase Reuters[3] and your insights could help others, as well as proving a very cathartic means for getting the last of this experience out of your system.

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