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When you've been dumped, you can normally feel very hurt and upset most of the time, especially if he/she is your very first love or serious relationship.But with the right help and support, you can beat the blues!


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    Get out the house. Don't stay cooped up crying over him/her. This will just make matters worse by thinking about it over and over again. Maybe hang out with some old friends that you haven't seen for a while, because you've been too busy spending time with him/her. Or maybe watch a film at the movies. Just don't torture yourself.
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    Remove their valuables. Get rid of those old valentines gifts. Lock them away in a box, under the bed, behind the closet or even dump them in the trash. Don't spend time looking and admiring the old times, forget all the things he/she gave you for you're birthday and move on.
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    Find someone else. It's mingle time again. Go hunting for that special someone again, it's not the end of a relationship, it's the beginning of a new one. Don't think you're never going to find love again, because you will! Maybe there has always been someone who liked you secretly while you were not available.
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    Keep away. Don't try to call him or text him anymore. And don't say you 'accidentally' pressed send to the wrong person. Delete his number off your phone, take his/her picture off you're wallpaper and put a fancy picture of you and you're mates, delete him/her as a friend off Facebook or MSN. Don't return their calls or pick up the phone if they try to contact you. They dumped you, remember? It was his/her loss. So forget.
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    Write something. Write down all the reasons you weren't meant to be.
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    Have a good cry. Don't keep it locked away for too long. Have a good, long cry and let it all out! Talk to friends and see if they've had this problem before which I'm sure you will find they have. Talk to you're older siblings, ask for advice and support. Remember boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go, but friends and family will never disappear.
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    Delete the sad songs. Don't keep listening to those sad Taylor Swift songs, 'Tear Drops On My Guitar', and put some funky new music on you're iPod, and maybe get into a new band. This always helps to forget him/her.
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    Scream into a pillow to get the stress out. if you just can't let him/her go, try to make up for it and get them back. Look Beautiful or Handsome for a change. Do something that will make them feel guilty about leaving you.


  • Talk. Talk to friends and family about the problem. They will help and support you.
  • Have fun. Enjoy life and don't spend time wasting it on little things like boyfriends and girlfriends.
  • Get support. If no one has had a similar experience to you, try talking to a school nurse or teacher. They understand the things you're going through and they maybe could explain something new to you.


  • If you keep it bundled up inside for too long, this may lead to depression. If this occurs, talk to someone about your problems.
  • Don't linger on it. Stay away from his/her friends in case they bring back the old memories.
  • I know you're upset and especially if it's because they left you for someone else, destroying their clothes and pouring paint on there favourite little sports car might make you feel better but it is actually criminal damage and in a domestic situation, where police are called, you're not going to have to upper hand even though you're the one who was dumped..
  • If you lived together and have trouble deciding who gets the nice new telly etc when you brought it together, well do you want to sit watching soaps on a screen that reminds you of them. And with car ownership if you can't come to a solution just remember whose name it's registered in.

Things You'll Need

  • Friends
  • Family
  • A strong heart
  • A thoughtful mind

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