How to Get Perfect Eyelashes

Two Methods:Taking Care of Your LashesApplying Mascara

Do you have dry, clumpy, short, straight, unhealthy lashes? From taking care of your eyelashes to making them look stunning on date night, having perfect eyelashes is, fortunately, not rocket science.

Method 1
Taking Care of Your Lashes

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    Avoid rubbing your eyes. This can damage your lashes and irritate the follicles, causing hairs to bend or fall.
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    Wash your face daily, focusing on cleaning around your eyes. Use a gently face soap or moisturizing wipes to clear around your eyes and eye-lashes, removing gunk, dirt, and oil, for healthy and shiny lashes.
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    Wear less mascara. If you wear mascara every day, your eyelashes won't grow as thick and full as they would otherwise because your hair needs to breathe. For best results, stop wearing mascara altogether or wear it occasionally. You can also purchase mascaras made of more gentle, less artificial ingredients that won't harm your eyelashes as much.
    • Never use water-proof mascara, as it chokes out your hairs and is very difficult to safely remove.
    • When you do wear mascara, always take it off before you go to bed. Use a gentle makeup remover or moisturizer with cotton pads to completely but gently remove all traces from your eyes.
    • Don't pump your mascara frequently, as it can cause it to dry out. If it is crusty or past the expiration date, throw it out.
    • Never share mascara, as it transfers oil and potentially bacteria from one eye to another.
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    Use an eyelash curler in place of mascara when possible. There are many different brands, and you can find them anywhere you can buy makeup. If you already have an eyelash curler, make sure that there the soft rubbery part is still in it and hasn't fallen out, as this can damage or pull out hairs.
    • Hold the curler down gently for 15 seconds on each eye.
    • Unclamp the curler slowly and carefully to prevent pulling out any hairs.
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    Gently massage petroleum jelly through your lashes every night before bed. If your eyelashes feel dry or you feel they aren't growing fast enough, you can try carefully moisturizing them with Vaseline before you go to bed. This helps heal any irritations and encourages growth.
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    Have your eyelashes dyed. If your lashes are very light colored or you just want the impression of mascara without wearing it, you can dye your lashes black or dark brown. You can buy home kits but it is best to have it done professionally at a salon since you are using harsh chemicals near sensitive eyeballs. It is usually not expensive. Beware though that the dye will damage the lashes a little and doing it too often will keep them from growing properly.
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    Try wearing fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions. They take some practice applying and getting used to, but many women wear them every day. Better brands will last longer, but ever cheaper ones can be fine for a few wears. You can find a range of fake lashes to suit your tastes -- from subtle, pretty lashes to outrageous large lashes in fluorescent colors.
    • If you haven't worn them before it is best to practice putting cheap pairs first, as they can be tricky to get used to.

Method 2
Applying Mascara

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    Curl your lashes carefully with the eyelash curler. Place the eyelash curler near the center of your lashes, and gently squeeze for 15 seconds. Repeat to your other eye.
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    Dip the mascara wand in the mascara and wipe off any excess. You don't want a big glob of make-up, as this will cake on your eyelashes unattractively. You only need a little bit on the bristles of the wand -- you can always add more later.
    • Wipe off the excess on a tissue, leaving only a thin layer.
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    Start applying mascara at root of your eyelashes, then gently wiggle up towards the tips. Do this a couple of times. Make sure you get your bottom lashes too, even though they seem "less important."
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    Repeat to the other eye. Allow the first coat of mascara to dry.
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    Try layering on a second type of mascara. Layering 2 different mascaras together will really open your eyes, since they are both formulated differently. If you don't have more than one mascara, you can just use the same one for two layers.
    • If you are using two mascaras, make sure each coat is lighter than you would normally use for one.
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    Try not to blink as the mascara dries. This won't take long, but keeping your eyes open will ensure the lashes stay open and separated.
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    Use a cotton swab and moisturizer to remove any mascara from around your eyes. Dab off any excess moisturizer on your hand, then gently swipe the areas around your eyes that have mascara marks.
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    Take an eyelash comb and comb through your eyelashes carefully to separate them. This will get rid of mascara clumps and also separate your eyelashes so they are not stuck together.
    • Do not use a pin or toothpick to separate your eyelashes; it is incredibly dangerous. Even if you think you are not clumsy, there is no need to take the risk.
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    Remove the mascara at night with a make-up remover or cotton swab with gentle soap. Found in most pharmacies and make-up aisles, make-up remover is essential for healthy eyelashes.
    • Squeeze a pea-sized amount of makeup remover on a cotton pad and gently press down on your eyelashes to remove the mascara. If you're not getting black marks on the pad, you're not taking it off thoroughly enough.
    • If you want, use the eyelash comb to comb through your lashes again, to make sure there is not any remaining mascara
    • If your makeup remover requires rinsing, carefully splash your eyes with clean water, then wipe them on a towel.
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  • You don't need a ton of mascara to look good. A small amount will go a long way.
  • Try bending the end of the mascara brush to make it easier to maneuver.
  • Coat both sides of your lashes, not just one.
  • Do not pull your fake lashes out. It can remove some of your normal lashes. Also, never pull your lashes to remove mascara - otherwise they can stop growing.


  • Always be careful when working around your eyes, and never use dyes or chemicals alone.

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