How to Get Pro in Trackmania Nations

Have you ever played Trackmania Nations and wondered why other crazy freaks drive so much faster than you? You are asking yourself how do they do that? what's the trick? do they have another game device than me? is my keyboard broken? and so on. well this is a little introduction into how to get Pro in Trackmania Nations


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    Start your Trackmania Nations Game and look for a server with professional built maps (preferred technical maps (lot of turns, almost no loops/wallrides))
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    If you play this game for the first time, start the solo mode and first practice on all nadeo maps (beginner, advanced, expert AND pro) trying to get the green medal on every track to get the basics and get to know the physics of your car better
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    The secret in this game is the intended sliding. Sliding helps you to get the curves faster. Some may say that sliding is useless because the only thing that happens is that your back is breaking out. Well that is right, but they just didn't try to do it, or don't have the required experience to do so.
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    The following points describe the different types of slides you will need to make everyone (or ALMOST everyone) swallowing your dust.
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    Basic/Beginner Slide - nearly every(including me) player begins the sliding thing with the basic slide i.e. braking without accelerating. It is needed on really hard curves. You will need very much speed when sliding, so look for a curve where you will arrive very fast. Press your turn button and after that hit the brake. Look to it that you first turn and THEN brake , otherwise the car won't slide. Release the turn when you think it's the right time. start accelerating and shortly turn in the other direction to catch the street grip again.
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    Power Slide - The more used slide between the professionals is the power slide. It is braking while accelerating. It is the same procedure as the basic slide but don't release the accelerate button. This slide is much longer and of course faster. To use it you don't need to be as fast as in using the basic slide but you will need a considerable amount of speed. It is hard to find the right slide for the right curve, but sooner or later you will get to know what to use where.
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    Pulsative Slide - This is a very tricky slide. There ain't much curves to do this one, but if there is one, using it would be really helpful. It is a mixture of the Basic AND the power slide. It is not only one Slide. It is a slide consisting of more slides. Start with the power slide and when you need release the brake and go back on it again. The other type of the pulsative slide is the same thing but instead of releasing and pressing the brake button , press the accelerate button. This may sound a bit weird and you will wonder where you have to use it. I can tell you: Nadeo Pro A-1 - The long turn after the second small jump (into the loop parts) you will need a long fast slide to do the first curve and directly afterwards you will need a slow 'n' short one. So you'll start with a powerslide and release the accelerate button when arriving at the harder turn and go back to accelerating after the turn immediately. You will need very very much speed to do this. Important to say is that you can only "pulsate" while there are at least 3 braking stripes on the ground visible ( sounds weird, but you'll see)
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    Ramstone Slide - What is the Ramstone? It is the small grey stripe that's announcing the borders of a track. If you are too slow to slide but you really want to slide then this slide may help. Drive on the ramstone and start sliding on the ramstone into the track. This one's quite hard because the risk is very high to hit the board when trying it. Not recommended for beginners in rounds mode.
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    Slow Slide - This kind of sliding is not very famous among the community. The intention of this one is to slide when you normally would be too slow to do it. The technique is completely different and you might need a lot of training to handle it. This slide can be done at any speed. The best way to practice it is to build a track that has a 180° turn right at the beginning. Start driving until you reach the turn. Then steer into the turn. Afterwards release the steering key and press the break key (you need to drive straight forward). While you press the break begin steering again. If you did it the right way your car will begin to slide.
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    Wallbang - This one ain't a slide but it's another technique to get pro. On some U-Turn curves you may arrive too fast and you should brake a really long time to get the curve. So it could be better to hit the board instead of braking and drive through. On some normal curves wallbang is helpful too for example if there's a long curve where you need to slide very much and decreasing lots of speed you could shortly hit the wall and then go full-speed all the way through. Sometimes this is a little bit faster.
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    These are the most important techniques used by good drivers in Trackmania nations. Try it out and get Pro!


  • Airbrake - you can hit the brake in the air to stop your car flipping around (landing on 4 wheels is faster most times)
  • Practice.
  • If you recognize that powersliding isn't possible with your keyboard, assign your accelerate and brake function to other keys.
  • Don't try every type of sliding at one time. Begin with the Basic Slide and then go step by step.

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