wikiHow to Get Ready for a Big Event

Have this big date/concert/dance/party/night out etc that you want to look awesome? Here's a guide to help you!


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    Put on some music and make a tea. Music will help keep you energized, and enjoy the process while getting ready. A hot cup of tea will help you relax and prevent anxiety.
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    Deep condition your hair. This will take about 30 minutes. You simply put conditioner on your hair, put your hair up in a bun and wait. While you are waiting you can remove nail polish from your nails, pluck your eyebrows, wax your moustache, (if you have one,) and enjoy an episode of your favorite TV show.
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    Take a shower. While in the shower you can exfoliate and shave your body completely. This will keep your skin looking clean and fresh longer.
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    Moisturize your body. Nobody wants dry ashy looking skin.
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    Blow dry your hair. Use a good heat protectant and after you finish, put your hair up in a bun to keep it off of your face.
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    Go all out with a facial. Wash your face with a good cleanser, then use a good exfoliant. Keep in mind that you can also exfoliate your lips by using sugar and olive oil. Use a face mask to clean deep and soften skin. There are cheap face masks at your local drugstore. After you finish with the mask wash your face again and use a cleansing milk and toner. Last but not least, moisturize and prime your face with a good moisturizer and primer. Don't worry too much about the order you put them on, they will both set into your face in about 15 minutes.
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    Give yourself a manicure and pedicure. Soak your hands and feet in hot water. File your nails, apply a clear coat of nail polish and after it dries, apply a colored base coat. After you are done, apply a moisturizing cream to keep your hands silky smooth.
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    Hair time! You can style your hair however you want to. You can go with plain and straight, loose waves, or messy curls. You can do an up-do, or buns, or even a ponytail. Whatever you feel like doing, do it, and have fun! You can even add a headband so it looks extra cute.
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    Now it's time for makeup! If you're one to put on a full face, start with a concealer, then go to a soft foundation, and finish off the base with a pressed powder. You can look cute with some blush too! For your eyes, what really makes them pop is the eyeliner. Choose a good color, make sure you double coat your mascara and fill in those brows with color. As for your lips it depends on the clothes that you're going to wear. It's totally cool to go light if that's your style; but, just remember to be confident.
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    Choose an outfit. You probably have already, but if you haven't picked one out yet, don't get stressed! It may help to ask what your friends are wearing so you can get some ideas. You can also look online if you need a little more motivation, find a similar event and look at what others are wearing.
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    Don't forget the accessories. Anything: rings, earrings, piercings, or bangles. Anything flashy or shiny will attract attention. Of course you don't want to go overboard, say like putting a giant clock around your neck. For the final touch, put on deodorant, and your favorite perfume and you are ready to go!


  • If you don't usually go all out, don't make a big event your test run. If you really want to go big, maybe ask someone more experienced to help you.


  • Don't take in too much sodium the night before! Your face might look bloated. Hydrate up!

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