How to Get Ready for a Dance (Girls)

It is sometimes difficult to know how to get ready for your school dance. You ask yourself: "What should I wear?" "What makeup should I use?" "How do I prep myself for the dance?" "What do I need to prepare myself?" Well, read on to find your answers!


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    Freshen up! Take a nice, cool shower, and use shampoo that will make your hair have lots of volume and shine. Use a body wash that will keep your skin smooth, soft, and refreshed. It is also good if the body wash is scented, perhaps something flowery or whatever your favorite scent is.
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    When you get out of the shower, wrap a towel on your head. While you're waiting for your hair to dry partially, brush your teeth well, pluck your eyebrows (if you know how to. If not, go to a salon and have a professional do it, or you might mess up your pretty brows, which is not good), clip, buffer, and file your nails, moisturize and soften your skin with lotion, put on good and long-lasting deodorant, paint your nails, etc.
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    Hair time! When you are done with that your hair will still be damp, put in shine enhancer, and blow dry it. I recommend using an anti-frizz hair spray to prevent your hair getting frizzy when you're dancing, such as John Freida Anti-frizz.Then style it in any way you want! You can these hairstyles:
    • Regular braid
    • Fishtail braid
    • Curls (wavy or make it curlier)
    • Straightened
    • A nice and pretty bun (make it messy or ballerina or however you want it, as long as it depicts the theme).
    • A pretty hairstyle of your own invention!
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    Put on your outfit! Put a bathrobe over this so that you don't get makeup on your clothes.
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    If you happen to have acne, after taking a shower is the time to put on any acne creams and treatments that prevent, well, acne. Use brand products like the well-known Proactiv and Neutrogena. But do not apply too much acne treatment. Too much of it will give you massive breakouts and you do not want that; You're trying to do the other way around!
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    Makeup time! If you're dancing with a guy, he would like to be with a girl with a natural look, not a clownish, fake mask!
    • Put on foundation. Blend well including your neck, and dust some powder over your face
    • Put on eyeliner that's not too heavy-looking. Make the line thin or medium sized, perhaps adding a wing on the corner of your eyes.
    • Eye shadow that matches your outfit and your overall makeup (e.g. bold lipstick = lighter eye shadow)
    • Blush to keep your cheeks at a beautiful, rosy flush. Don't put too much blush!
    • Mascara - several swipes would do. Don't cake your lashes with them though! Just enough to add volume and length to your lashes.
    • Lips - If you choose to wear lipstick, make sure it looks good. For example, if you choose a bold lipstick, make sure your eye shadow is lighter. Preferably for a dance, a light, rosy color is best. Add some lip gloss (optional).
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    Seal your makeup with makeup sealer
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    Put on more deodorant, just to be sure. Plus, use perfume! Spritz it lightly on your neck, elbows, wrist, and yes, behind your knee. These are the places where the perfume would last longer. Do not drown yourself in perfume or else people can smell you several states away!
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    If you want to pack your purse, put some stuff in, such as your feminine things, a small bottle of perfume, travel-sized deodorant, some makeup for touch-ups, your phone (if you have one), a pack of minty gum for fresh breath (no one likes hot, stinky breath!)
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    Shave your legs! Shaved legs and armpits are a must, unless, of course, you're not allowed to shave yet.
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    Go have fun! This is your night, after all!


  • For formal dances - wear a nice dress, not like a super fancy prom dress, but something nice and pretty.
  • Don't wear makeup if you don't want to. Be your natural self! Being natural is better than being forced to and being grumpy about it!
  • If you're not so good at makeup, have someone who is put it on for you
  • Feel comfortable and be confident!
  • Sometimes, it's not just the outfit and looks that makes the night amazing; it's YOU who will make the night special! Dance away, girlfriend!
  • Make sure you dress right if there's a certain theme, like spring, Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc.
  • For semi-formal dances - A simple, but nice blouse and a skirt is perfect for this theme, although make sure that skirt isn't too short!
  • Make sure you're having fun! Dance the night away!
  • If you're not allowed to shave, don't. It's better just to leave it and forget about it then to have unhappy parents.
  • For casual dances - A casual dance isn't just slapping on a T-shirt and jeans, but maybe a casual, nice blouse, and something other than jeans, like leggings.


  • At the dance, don't be mean or judge others on their dress sense, or they will judge you, too!
  • Make sure you never wear too much make-up. No clown makeup is allowed, whatsoever!
  • Never dress like a slut or wear anything you feel uncomfortable and/or exposed in. You will definitely not have a good time at the dance.

Things You'll Need

  • Pretty dress
  • Accessories (o
  • Make-up (optional)
  • Good and long-lasting deodorant
  • A date (optional, too, of course)
  • Acne treatment creams and such
  • Stuff to do your hair (e.g. curler, straightener, etc.)

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