How to Get Ready for a Dance Recital or Competition

Do you dread the moment to walk on that giant stage, then doing that embarrassing move in the faces of judges and families? Read on to help with this embarrassment!


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    Be prepared. If you are preparing for a competition, competition websites often show who is competing. Try to find an online video of them dancing, so you know what you're up against. If there are many studios and people, don't worry! It's about how you do, not how others do.
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    Review your dance over a couple of times. Often, you will need a fresh reminder of what to do. Do not try to make last minute changes! This will often result in a disaster. However, if someone in your group needs is out due to an emergency, feel free to make minor adjustments.
    • If you have an itchy costume, you might want to practice in it a couple of times to get used to the scratchiness. A couple of other alternatives are to over that area with the tape that covers the skin or sticking toilet paper in the itchy spot.
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    Go backstage a few numbers (about seven or eight, even) before you. If you show up backstage when they announce you, this will be bad. If anything is loose or falling, no one will be there on stage for you to get your headband or tie off the ground! It will be even worse if it stays on, but hurts painfully when you dance. This is a bad position to be in; you might be tempted to pull it and fidget.
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    When the announcer calls your performance, walk onstage with confidence. No matter what or which genre of dance you're doing, always have your chin up! Only look down if you are supposed to.
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    Have energy during your performance. Even if you have a sad or angry song, have power to show depression. Any kind of genre should have non-stop energy. If you power-down just because you're tired, the results of your performance will not be rewarding. Your goal is to get the attention of the judges and audience; you don't want them to think, "Oh, another one of those ordinary dances. Time to grade... this thing is boring!"
    • Make eye contact with the judges if you are competing. This will help show that you're really serious about this dance, and hopefully get some extra points in showmanship!
    • Have emotion. A dance is no fun if you just do it. You have to feel it. Make some faces, like making a duck face when the song says something sassy!
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    Be proud of what you have done. If you receive a low score and not make it to the overall awards, that's okay. The best award is to improve on what you have done, not how you did compared to others. Some competitions give out notes on how you did--use these papers to your advantage to improve your weak points. Hopefully you will be able to get a higher score next time!


  • Make sure you know your routines. If you forget onstage, make something up and pretend nothing was wrong.
  • Relax! You will need to use the restroom if you don't. This is no fun.
  • If you prepared for a dance recital, have fun! It isn't so intense as a dance competition.


  • Make sure to stretch - you might pull a muscle. It's no fun to do a needle with terribly sore legs!

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