How to Get Ready for Homecoming

Ever wonder how those girls get all the guys and look so great on homecoming? It's because of their before homecoming ritual. Look at these steps to be homecoming ready and make it a night to remember!


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    Have the Perfect Dress! Try to buy your dress at least a couple of weeks ahead of time. If you have dark brown hair, try a red or a navy blue dress (anything that pops). If you have blonde hair, you can wear any darker colored dress to contrast with your hair (black, brown, or even a bright pink). You should know by now what colors look good on you and what doesn't. Do not show people your dress so they can be surprised. and wear undergarments that won't show through your dress.This means that you may have to buy a thong, backless/strapless bra, or you may have to go braless, depending on your dress. For your high heels, make sure you can walk in them. If one inch is all you can walk in, then you rock that short heel (or you could consider fancy sandals or flats). In high school, it is a good idea not to wear anything that reminds you of something you wore in the fifth grade. You want to look mature and classy, not like you shop at Justice and still wear Crocs. Lastly, remember that you are wearing the dress, and the dress should come second to your beauty. Find a dress that compliments your features, instead of swallowing you whole.
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    Have Time to Get Ready! Give yourself a good 2 hours to get ready (or more, if needed). This is a big part about looking good so don't rush, but watch the time! Put on a face mask. It will make your skin feel great and you will glow. Take a shower and wash your hair, because nothing is more gross than coming to the dance with sweaty hair from soccer practice! After the shower, immediately blow dry your hair or however you know best to style it. By now you have put on a mask (wash it off in shower), taken a shower and styled your hair. Paint nails and toes. Put on perfume and makeup, if you wear it. (There is nothing wrong with going without makeup, and you can look just as beautiful without it!) Make your makeup a little bit more dramatic than your usual daytime makeup, as it is a formal event. Now carefully put on your dress, making sure not to tear anything. Put on shoes right before you leave so your feet don't hurt the first minute you get to the dance.
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    At the Dance, Bring your camera to take pics of the night with your friends. Dance with people. Be open to dancing, it can be fun!
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    Be yourself! Nothing is more attractive than a self confident, fun-loving gal! Enjoy your special night, because you'll want to do it all over again come morning!


  • Relax and be yourself
  • If you notice a flaw in your makeup, don't freak! Calmly ask a friend if she has any makeup on hand, go to the restroom, and fix it!
  • Eat before the dance so you won't have to waste your money on food at the dance! (Don't eat too much though, you don't want to be bloated!)


  • Watch food and drinks around your dress
  • Your makeup can smudge so bring eyeliner or touch ups in your clutch for later.
  • If anything goes wrong, blow it over, don't stress! there is always a way to fix things.

Things You'll Need

  • A dress
  • Shoes
  • Shower
  • Perfume
  • Makeup
  • Proper Under Garments
  • A Smile
  • Self-Confidence
  • A date (optional)

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