How to Get Ready to Go Out

Four Parts:Selecting an OutfitAssuring the BasicsPicking AccessoriesChoosing Your Makeup

Maybe you're going on a date or maybe you're just going out with your friends. Whatever the reason, you probably want to look your best. Start by choosing an outfit. From there, accessorize. If you wear makeup, apply a look that will stay in place while you're out on the town. Lastly, assure all the basics are taken care of. Put on deodorant, shave, and pack your supplies.

Part 1
Selecting an Outfit

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    Choose your footwear. Pick shoes that match your clothing and are appropriate for the event. You should also know what's going to happen that night. If you'll be moving around a lot, for example, comfortable shoes are a good idea.[1][2]
    • Dressier shoes can include heels, flats, dark leather shoes, and boots.
    • If the occasion is casual, a pair of sneakers can suffice. You can also try canvas sneakers and desert boots. On a warm night, sandals or flip-flops are a good option. Keep in mind, however, flip-flops are only appropriate for very casual settings, such as a cookout on the beach.
    • Make sure you pick a pair of shoes that compliment the color and style of your outfit. Glittery, clunky heels, for example, will look better with a cocktail dress than dress pants and a blouse.
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    Choose a nice top. The top you select will depend on where you're going. Make sure to pick a top appropriate for the formality of the setting.[3][4]
    • A casual top can work for just a night out with friends. A collared button down top, a t-shirt, a polo shirt, or a sweater can be fun.
    • If you want something fancier, go for a nice floral blouse. A nicer button down shirt can also work. You probably have a few nice white dress shirts you can wear with a tie.
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    Select your pants. If you're going for pants over a dress or skirt, you have a lot of options. For a casual night, a nice pair of jeans usually works best. However, you may want to go with something a little different.[5]
    • Sleek black dress pants would work great for a more formal outfit.
    • Corduroy pants may work well for a slightly more casual look. They can pair well with a sports jacket. You can also go for cargo pants if you want something casual. Gray or black trousers may work if you want a more conservative look.
    • Try wearing leggings out. These can work well with longer tops, but are usually only appropriate for casual settings.
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    Consider a dress or skirt. For a night out, you may want to dress up a bit. You can select a nice dress or skirt for the occasion.[6]
    • A more formal occasion may require an evening gown or a long, fitted dress. You can opt for a shorter dress, or something like a sundress, if you want something more casual.
    • There are a wide variety of skirts to choose from. A nice leather skirt may work great for a date. A miniskirt may be appropriate for a more casual occasion. Formal skirts should generally be longer.
    • Skirts and dresses come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so feel free to pick something that suits your mood that night. You should also pick something that flatters your figure. If you're feeling fun, go for something like a casual, colorful dress. If you want something more serious, go for a conservative skirt paired with a formal blouse.

Part 2
Assuring the Basics

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    Solidify your plan. Make sure you and your friends or date have a plan for the night. Double check a few hours before you leave about when and where you're meeting.
    • If plans are a little uncertain, try suggesting something solid. For example, you could choose a bar or restaurant where everyone can agree to meet.
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    Know how you're getting home. It's very important to have a plan to get home, especially if you're drinking. Driving under the influence can be very dangerous.[7] Make a plan to get home before you go out.
    • Try to have a designated driver if others will be drinking. You can also use public transportation, if you're not out too safe. You can also take a cab, lyft, or uber home if you've been drinking.
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    Style your hair. You do not want to leave the house with your hair tangled. Run a brush through your hair before leaving for a night out. If you normally add gel or other products to your hair, apply them now.
    • You can use hairspray to make sure your hair does not get messy as the night goes on.
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    Shave, if necessary. You may want to shave your legs, armpits, or face before going out. If you shaved recently, you can skip this part. However, if necessary, give yourself a quick shave before going out.[8]
    • Use shaving cream to avoid cuts and hydrate your skin. Make sure to get any skin wet before you start shaving.
    • Make sure to use a high quality razor. Cheap razors are more likely to cut your skin. You should also use a new razor if yours is old. Dull blades make for a rougher shave.
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    Apply deodorant. This can help you smell fresh throughout the night. Even if you already used deodorant, apply a fresh layer before going out.[9]
    • Make sure you select a deodorant that has a pleasant scent. If you have a deodorant that dries fast, this may be a good option before you go out.
    • Select a deodorant that fights both odor and sweat.
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    Pack everything you need. This includes things like your cellphone, your keys, your wallet, and an ID. If you need anything extra, pack it as well. For example, if you volunteered to bring chips to a party, make sure you have them before going out the door.[10]
    • It can be helpful to pack ahead of time. If you pack up the night before going out, it'll be less to worry about the next day.

Part 3
Picking Accessories

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    Think about adding a jacket. A nice jacket can compliment any outfit. As you head out the door, see if throwing on a jacket can help your look.[11]
    • A jean jacket can be a nice touch, but make sure not to wear it with matching denim. It's better off paired with slacks or corduroys than blue jeans.
    • A long overcoat can look great if you're going out during colder months. A peacoat can also be a nice touch.
    • A sports jacket is a simple way to add some flare to your outfit. You can throw a blazer or sports jacket over a nice button down t-shirt. This adds a bit of class and formality.
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    Add a nice watch. Watches can be great accessories. If you have a decent watch laying around, add it to your outfit. A good watch can compliment your clothes and style.[12]
    • A dress watch generally has a leather or metal band. They can be pricey, so be careful if you choose to wear one. Tighten it sufficiently so it does not accidentally slip off during the evening.
    • A more casual watch can be great for a casual event. You can try to find a colorful watch that matches your outfit, for instance.
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    Consider a wrap or scarf. Wraps and scarves can add a bit of color and flare to an outfit. If you have a nice scarf or wrap lying around, try throwing it on and see how it looks with your outfit.[13]
    • A wrap can help with an elegant look. If you want something more formal, this may be a better option than a scarf.
    • A scarf can be a great way to add color to an outfit. If your outfit is a neutral color, like brown or black, you can shake things up with a colorful scarf. You can also choose a scarf with a pattern on it to add variation to plain clothing.
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    Throw on some stockings. A nice pair of stockings can compliment an outfit. If it's cold out especially, stockings under a dress or skirt can be a great way to keep warm while looking cute.[14]
    • Like a scarf, stockings can add flare. If you're wearing a plain black dress, for example, stockings with sequins can add some color and design.
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    Add jewelry. If you wear jewelry, select earrings, necklaces, and other accessories to compliment your outfit before you leave. You may want to play around with different combinations of jewelry to find one that suits your mood and outfit.[15]
    • Long, dangly earrings, sometimes called statement earrings, can be great for a night out clubbing or dancing. If you want something more formal, look for something like classic gold ball earrings or something similar.
    • A large, clunky, and bold necklace can be great for a casual event. Something plain, like a gold chain, may work best for a more formal occasion.
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    Wear a nice belt. A belt can be an excellent accessory. Choose a belt that matches your outfit. If you want to add some variation to a plainer outfit, a patterned belt, or a colorful belt, may be a good option.[16]
    • If you're wearing a looser dress, try fastening a belt around your waist to highlight your figure.

Part 4
Choosing Your Makeup

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    Use wet eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner can be messy to apply. Instead of using a liquid liner, you can use a wet makeup brush and a dark shade of eye shadow.[17]
    • Take an eyeliner brush and get it damp. Dip the brush into a darker shade of eyeliner.
    • Run the brush along your upper eyelid, just above your eyelashes.
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    Select a bright blush. If you're going out at evening especially, a brighter blush is important. You want to make sure your blush shows up in a darker, dimmer atmosphere. Opt for a blush a few shades brighter than your regular daytime blush.[18]
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    Consider false eyelashes. These can make your eyes and eyelashes look bigger and bolder. They can be fun to use if you're going out for the night, especially for a more casual occasion.[19]
    • You can buy false eyelashes at a drugstore or beauty store. The box they come in should have directions for application.
    • Be careful when applying fake lashes. You do not want to get the glue from the lashes in your eyes.
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    Skip powder after applying foundation. If you're going out at night, the lighting may be dim. Therefore, a powder applied over foundation may look chalky. After applying your regular foundation, skip the powder and move on to the rest of your makeup.[20]


  • It can help to have one basic going out look. This way, you'll be able to get ready quicker.
  • If you're going on a date, some perfume or cologne may be a nice touch.

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