How to Get Rid of a Classroom Pest

Ever wonder how in the world you're supposed to get rid of that pest that sits next to you or behind you in class? You know, the kid that keeps poking you, making rude noises, or snickering at you? Well, thankfully it really isn't that complicated as soon as you've got your wits about you. You just need to know what you're doing.


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    Be polite at first. In other words, when that person pokes you for the third time, turn toward him/her and ask him/her nicely not to do that again. No, you don't have to be all mushy gushy and look at him/her as if you're about to ask him/her out on a date, but you should basically keep all sounds of annoyance or anger from your voice.
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    Use facial expressions. Looks of confusion are very popular in the female case, sending the message that you don't know why in the world that person would be dumb enough to continue bothering you. Next are usually the glares. They get your point across fairly quickly, and let that person know that his chances are now numbered. Another common look is the annoyed look, of course, but usually this only serves to humor to that person, and therefore probably won't get you very far.
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    Go in defense with this person. This is another speech step, where words come into play to try to get this dude to bug off. This step is different from step 1, however, because you are laying off with the nice and polite stuff and getting more to the stuff that will get your point across in a sharper manner. A few good things to say now are "What are you doing?", or "Cut it out", or "Don't you have some work to do?", or even "Do not do that again." Severity levels vary, depending on how many times that person has repeated his/her annoying antics.
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    Talk to some friends, or even the kids that sit next to you in class. The next time that person strikes, he will be undoubtedly taken off guard when four or five other kids suddenly perk up and tell him/her to lay off as well. Suddenly, he/she'll realize he's not so popular anymore, and he/she will probably realize that what he is doing is not-funny enough to stop.
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    Take these matters from your own hands to an authority's hands. No, no, don't call the police just yet. But this is the part where you start to tell that person "Hey, if you don't stop this, I'm going to tell the teacher". And if he/she doesn't listen to that, you do just that. Stay a few minutes after class if you can, or come by after school, and tell your teacher about your problem. After all, if your concentration and learning abilities are being affected by this little loser, you can just bet that your teacher will pounce on the opportunity to fix the situation, whether by moving your seat, or moving that person, or giving a nice long lecture right to the source of the problem.


  • Sometimes, and actually often, boys will tease girls or annoy them because they like them. Yeah, it may sound funny, but it is actually true. This might be a helpful thing to remember when you decide what you're going to say to him when you ask that person to stop what he's doing.
  • When he teases you, try not to blow up. Often, the people that get teased the most are those that freak out, because the teasers enjoy watching the show so much. So if you remain calm and deny him that particular part of the fun, he may just realize that it actually isn't so fun anymore.
  • Try to use politeness first. Rudeness returned for rudeness can get pretty nasty, and besides, if you're nice to him before you're mean, he may just realize that you really are a nice kid, and he might feel bad about teasing you the way he did.


  • Avoid name-calling. In fact, avoid all severe rudeness. All this does is result in getting that person mad, and suddenly the jokes he plays on you aren't so harmless anymore.

Things You'll Need

  • Patience, for you will not survive without it.

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