How to Get Rid of Dark Forces

Dark forces come under a series of perspectives and names. Other names include: dark spirits, dark forces, demonic activity, poltergeist activity, elemental activity, darkness energy, malevolent energy - forces, you get the idea. Each of these conditions fall under 'negativity' or 'negative sentient energy'. Some methods are the same for reducing or ridding these kinds of forces of energy and others may require experienced professionals or individuals who 'know' how to deal with negative sentient energy. Lets explore some of these methods.


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    Light blessed white candles. Place one at each window and each door of the problem 'house'. This is symbolically stopping dark sentient energies from entering or exiting the place.
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    Place a line of blessed salt, or organic white salt along all exits. Line it up along the length of the sill inside the window frame and along the length of the front door and back door (and any other door or windows that may lead inside or outside).
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    Have enough holy water or blessed water and sprinkle in each room, windows, and doors. As you do this, say the shortened version of the exorcism prayer or use the one that is provided here:
    • "I am a clear and perfect channel of the light of the Creator, God the Being, Mary, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Saints and Angels. By Divine Permission, I ask that St. Michael the Arc Angel Defend Us in Battle against the wickedness and snares of the Devil, Satan and all his cohorts who seek the ruin of souls, Amen. I ask that all souls be sent to Heaven and all dark forces, known, unknown and in disguise be rendered powerless in the name of Jesus and St. Michael the Arc Angel and cast back to whence they came never to find their way back again, to me or any other person, place or thing, Amen. I ask that the power of the Holy Spirit fill all empty spaces, known, unknown and in disguise, healing all empty places, persons and things, closing all doorways and access points, that normal reality is returned and Divine Peace fills all spaces, Amen. I thank the Holy Spirit, Jesus, Mary and Divine Providence, God for hearing my/our prayers, amen and amen."
    • This is a layperson's prayer for casting out to moderate activity that is of a negative nature. This includes poltergeist activity, negative spirits and guides, negative portholes and access points. High amounts of negative activity and malevolent entities and or spirits who increase their activity after following this prayer, continue, it is highly recommended that a professional be sought out to deal with this kind of manifestation. Usually 2 or 3 spiritually gifted individuals experienced in spiritual warfare would be recommended, or a priest.
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    Use sage and smudge the whole property, giving thanks to all who participated in the cleansing. (i.e. Jesus, Mary, Saints, guides, angels and Holy Spirit). An example would be this:
    • Smudging is using a shell and burying pieces of sage in the shell and fanning it with a feather of an Eagle or a white feather which symbolizes Divinity."I thank God, Mary, Jesus, Holy Spirit, the saints and angels who have removed this negative energy from this house/place in totality. Please continue to bless everyone here and all spaces and places in and around this place, Amen and Amen."
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    Keep the white candles burning until they finish burning. It is then at this point the ceremony has concluded. Usually there is minimum only two people who need to conduct this ceremony. Have all other individuals leave the place/home while it is being conducted.


  • Do not perform this ceremony if there is an increase of paranormal activity on site or if there is anyone who is intoxicated
  • Do not do this ceremony if not necessary or in jest.
  • Have an experienced person in negative energy removal do this procedure. Please have 2 or more experienced people in spiritual warfare perform this activity, if possible; otherwise a good knowledge of ridding or reducing negative activity in a house/home or business is required.

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