How to Get Rid of Demons

Two Methods:Identifying the DemonDefense Against the Demon

The existence of these supernatural entities were known since the beginning of men from a variety of religions and cultures all around the world. They are known to be malevolent spirits. From all the different types of spirits and haunting, demonic activities are the rarest and often the most terrifying ones. If you are being suspicious about a personal space or curious to know more on how to deal with the paranormal, read on.

Method 1
Identifying the Demon

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    Be skeptical. The hard thing about having a haunting for a long period of time is that you begin to lose your line between imagination and reality. Even in genuine haunting there can be normal explanations for the activities.
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    Look for unusual change of moods. A demon likes to play with its target(s). It doesn't manifest itself easily until it knows that everyone is vulnerable. So if a calm peaceful house suddenly turns into a really depressive one or if someone specifically is heading a really dark road in life, you need to pay attention to that.
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    Watch out for poltergeist activities. Demons are powerful spirits. Unlike human spirits that need to absorb a large amount of energy, these require a lot less or even none to produce terrifying phenomenons such as movements, teleportation, throwing and even levitation of objects. In extreme cases they were able to manifest as dark misty figures or produce spontaneous combustion.
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    Look for noises and smells out of the ordinary. Often demons can be caught on digital tape recorders (EVP) as someone speaking, laughing and even growling. They can also leave behind a terrible smell that smells like rotten flesh or sulfur.

Method 2
Defense Against the Demon

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    Clean your personal area. If your house is a mess, it will create a dirty unpleasant environment which will benefit the demon's manifestations.
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    Build up your spiritual protection. Before dealing with any spirit, skeptical or not, it is much safer if you have some sort of psychic protection to reduce the chances of demonic possession and getting hurt.
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    Get rid of objects that might provoke too much negativity or bad vibes. If you feel like there's something odd or weird about any object and it doesn't feel good, follow your gut and get rid of it.
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    Cleanse your area. Prepare your area and create the spiritual atmosphere with anything you'd prefer. Such as incense, candles, crystal and whatever you'd like to purify your space. Smudging is a powerful method used worldwide.
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    Perform a serious banishing ritual. This is the most important step. You can perform any ritual but you need to be sure that you are not completely alone; that you know exactly what you're doing.
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    Do not underestimate the demon. Do not take the spirit for fool. It can outsmart you and come back. When it does, you might want help from professionals.
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    Defend yourself from demons by reciting the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It scares the Devil, greatly, when the Rosary is prayed upon and surely will defend you from demons.
  • Obtain and put on a Brown Scapular. The wearing of one of these, in a state of grace, also repels the evil spirits and can get rid of demons.
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  • Demonology is a great way to get a better understanding of demons. This includes religious, theological and occult texts on these paranormal beings.


  • Again, do not show fear! Even though you might be creeped out, try to remain as calm as possible since these entities feeds off from fear and builds it up even more.
  • Do not face this on your own. It is a risky move and might end up difficult if the spirit attempts possession.
  • Do not try to negotiate or even communicate with these spirits. Even people with experience of demons would leave that as a total last resort.

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