How to Get Solidworks for Free

Two Methods:Getting Solidworks for Free by Using Student AccessBorrowing a License

Solidworks is a 3-D computer-aided design (CAD) tool used for various modeling, mapping and sketching works. It was developed by Dassault Systèmes, a French software development company that specializes in creating various engineering design programs. Since Solidworks is more of an industry than personal design software, its price package may be a little too expensive for the average user, with prices starting from $3995. On the other hand, if you’d like to learn the application without spending anything, there are a few ways you can get Solidworks for free.

Method 1
Getting Solidworks for Free by Using Student Access

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    Ask if your university offers academic programs that use Solidworks where you may request a free student access to the software. Institutions that have more than 45 seats are qualified for the Student Design Kit or Student Engineering Kit.
    • These programs allow schools to issue free student access to participants of the program for a more comprehensive learning experience. Talk to your school’s IT personnel or CAD Administrator to check whether your institution offers any kind of program.
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    Enlist for a free license. There’s only a specific number of free Solidworks licenses a school may own. Ask your CAD administrator if there are any free slots available that you may sign up for.
    • After signing up, they’ll give a student access code, an SDK-ID or an SEK-ID.
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    Fill up the Student Access Form list to request an access from Dassault Systèmes. Just fill in your personal information on the fields provided and click “Request Download” at the bottom of the page to send the form.
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    Wait for your request to be processed. After submitting your Student Access Form, you’ll be receiving a serial number and a download access, which you can use to install and run the application on your computer.

Method 2
Borrowing a License

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    Request for a borrowed license. If your institution doesn’t have an SDK or SEK programs, you may ask your school’s CAD administrator if you can request a borrowed license for temporary use.
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    Connect your personal computer to your school’s network. Solidworks will be installed on your machine through your institution’s computer network, so you may need to ask for assistance from any IT personnel on how to connect your PC to your school’s network.
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    Use the borrowed license issued to you. When prompted to enter a license for the software, enter the borrowed license given to you by your administrator.
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    Connect your computer to your school’s network whenever you’re about to use Solidworks. Borrowed licenses require you to stay connected to the network while you’re using Solidworks.
    • Borrowed licenses only last up to 30 days, so you may want to ask your CAD administrator for any chance of renewal if you need to use the application for more than a month.


  • Student licenses are also temporary. But unlike borrowed licenses, it will expire after 1 year from the date it was issued.
  • Updating Solidworks version, from standard to premium, will require you to request another student access.

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