How to Get Started Writing

To write something is a big task. To start writing is the hardest part. Once you know how to start, it usually comes naturally and then your writing starts to flow. And don't worry, your computer won't explode. It can't sense your fear...


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    Do not start writing, yet! Make sure you are in an environment where you can think. Distractions result in taking 2 hours to write one sentence. Also keep a pen and paper near where you can jot down ideas.
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    Understand the topic or situation. You must understand it to avoid useless and unnecessary writing. Think about how you are going to start and end, then decide what comes in the middle.
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    Think about what the tone or feel of the writing should be. How will it make people feel when they read it? The first sentence is very important as it introduces your writing.
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    Give yourself some motivation. It is really terrible sitting in front of a blank page not knowing how to write or how to start or if the computer will explode if you hit the wrong key.
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    Brainstorm some ideas. Write down ideas with no attention to connection or content.
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    START WRITING!!! Start with something enjoyable that will make you want to write further.
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    Give yourself a pat on the back for starting to write. You tackled that big mountain. Once that is done, start working on getting down the mountain. Just because you started doesn't mean that you can rest. Write, write, WRITE! It is at least easier than starting.
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    When you've finished writing take a rest... Then spell check and edit your work. Then you can share it or do with it what you are supposed to. The most important thing is: YOU HAVE CLIMBED UP AND DOWN THAT GIGANTIC MOUNTAIN!!!


  • Add some humor. People love humor, but make sure it's appropriate for your audience (don't mock the name of North Korean ICBMs in a serious report, for example).
  • Enjoy every moment of it. You will look back at it and laugh when you are an accomplished author, even though you may still find it difficult to start writing, but at least it is easier now.
  • Keep a journal with you to write down thoughts and ideas. Trust me, they do come. Write them down before they get away.
  • Play some music in the background to get you motivated, just be careful that you don't get distracted.


  • Do not stare at the screen or paper, as that itself is a distraction.
  • Do not force yourself into writing. If the piece can wait, then wait, but don't wait for too long.

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