How to Get to Know a Scorpio

Scorpio is the most intensely passionate star sign of all the other star signs, and when you find one, he or she will be very special, so hang on and don't let them go! Here's what to do:


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    Watch them as they walk into the room, and if they look at you with their piercing eyes, the eyes will normally show most of the emotion. If you know them really well, you will probably see their intense stare, as if they see right through you.
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    If you want to know them, walk up to them and say for example: "Hi, how are you?" Some Scorpios will just answer: "Fine." But some others might be very cheerful and ask you about yourself, as most Scorpios don't like talking about themselves a lot.
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    If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, kiss them, hug them and tell them you love them. Scorpios love someone who cares for them more than anyone else, and that makes you special.
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    Most Scorpios appreciate gifts. They especially like jewelry, and most Scorpios love dark colors, like red and black.
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    Most Scorpios are loyal, caring and love to be loved by a special person. Cherish every moment with them!


  • If you're sexually involved with a Scorpio, he or she will give you an experience you'll NEVER forget, since Scorpio is ruled by sex!
  • Scorpios have a penetrating gaze and intensely stare at most people. Most of the time, this indicates they like you.
  • Scorpios love a card, a card for birthdays or valentines will be treasured and kept in a box for years.
  • Scorpios love confidence. If you make the first move, he or she be will touched and they'll remember you.
  • Love them like you would not normally love another star sign, as Scorpios are precious and they are very special people to be around.
  • Some star signs might not be compatible with Scorpio, so there might be a bit of turbulence in the relationship. For the star signs who do get along well with Scorpios (especially Pisces, Virgo, Cancer and Capricorn), go for it! You might make a long time-friend, lover or spouse.


  • Keep in mind that Scorpios hate dishonest people, fake flattery, being the center of attention, being possessed by other people, or other people controlling them. Look out for the bad qualities and try to avoid getting them angry.
  • Scorpios can also be extremely jealous, controlling and even violent.

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