How to Get Very Defined Eyes

Do you want to make your eyes pop without using layers of make-up that is hard to wash off and doesn't flatter you? Read this article to find out how to create defined, fresh and playful eyes that'll really show off your sparkle!


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    Cleanse. Clean your face with a gentle cleanser to remove excess make-up and oil. Like an artist with a plain canvas.
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    Eyeshadow. You will need 3 different tones of eyeshadow. For example, if you are working with browns you will need a cream colour, a light brown colour and a dark brown colour. Apply the lightest colour to the very inside of your eyelid just above the eyelash line at about 0.7 centimeter (0.3 in) thin. Next, apply the darkest colour to the crease of your lid to give your eyelids some depth. This must be a thin line. Apply the "in-between" colour between the light and dark colours and BLEND. Don't just smudge all the colours together, let them meet and sort-of melt into each other, flicking the sides out so that you can get the "Egyptian effect".
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    Get a black or dark brown eyeliner/kohl pencil and apply it to the inside of the lower lid. Don't press too hard but press hard enough so that the colour gets applied quite thickly.To make your eyes look bigger, start from the middle of the lower lid and draw out past the lid in a "swept-up" line. This will draw people to see your eyes wider rather than just thickly lined in black. For a nightclub affect apply eyeliner to the upper lid on top or even lift up the upper lid and draw it on underneath the row of eyelashes.
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    Add two coats of mascara to your top lashes and one thin layer to the outer lashes of your bottom lid. This will also help to make your eyes seem bigger and look more natural.
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    To make your eyes REALLY pop add false lashes and if you're going out to a club get false lashes with diamante stuck on the tops. False lashes are easy to apply these days. Some even have glue already applied to them so you simply lift and stick.


  • To get a popping colour on your eyelids, use a more outrageous colour like bright pink. Eg. Dusty pink, Light pink and Hot pink then blend the three colours as in step 1 but apply more higher up and to the sides.
  • To get your eyelashes to be more bold and full without the use of false eyelashes, apply two coats of mascara to both top and bottom lashes then curl the top and after you've done that add one or two more coats of mascara to the top row of eyelashes.
  • Use coloured contact lenses for a really funky look.


  • Always wash your face before you go to sleep because you will be more prone to sore and itchy eyes if you don't.
  • If you get any makeup into your actual eye, blink it out, get someone to blow into your eye for you or wash your eyes out with lukewarm water.

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  • Different eyeshadow
  • Mascara
  • Eyelash curler
  • Eyeliner pencil/kohl pencil

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